I visit some really great blogs.  I have gotten to know some pretty amazing women… who through their sacrifice and un-selfishness make other peoples lives better everyday.  

I created this blog jubilee to honor and applaud those women. 


What merits participating in this exclusive blog jubilee?

Is it a random act of kindness?  Yup.

An intentional act of thoughtfulness?  Yes!

A consistent choice to provide the best circumstances for those around you? That’s right!



And now its my turn…

I created and mailed 20 bridal shower invitations within 6 hours because they had to get done before I left for the airport.


I spent countless hours figuring out how to entertain my kids on a plane, and used many all of your suggestions!


I changed the sheets on the bed so that while I’m gone, my hubby has a soft, comfortable, clean place to sleep. (and hopefully dream of me!)


I did a couple extra posts for my blog so that my reader wouldn’t get to bored with me. 🙂



Just write down your good deeds, post it on your blog, link back here, and add your name to Mr. Linky.  I need to know where to find you!

And just to make it SUPER easy on you, just copy and paste this statement on your blog so everyone knows why you are participating.

“I’ve been challenged to participate in a blog jubilee.  Against my better judgment, I have been told to brag about something good, positive, uplifting, or kind that I did this past week.  It’s not easy to boast about my thoughtfulness, but in return I will be allowed to build up and encourage other women!  Feel free to visit Amanda at iammommy.typepad.com to join in the jubilee!”

P.S.  All of your suggestions for names are SO good, I am having a hard time deciding!!  I think I will be listing them all and letting you vote… keep those suggestions coming!

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  1. Great job this week…you were very productive and deserve a pat on the back and 2 thumbs up my friend. Awesome!

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