If you are sick of me talking about cookies… please… stop now… slowly bring the cursor up to the big X in the upper right hand corner and click. 

For those that figured they could stomach one more cookie post…. hey, ha, get it?  Stomach a cookie?  Ha ha.  I crack me up.

… I gotta tell you about what I have been doing the last 5 days.  Or.  Some of it at least.

In last years Christmas card I read about my talented cousin Stacy entering her pictures in the county fair and winning a prize and I thought to myself… how can I be more outgoing like Stacy?  I wish I had the courage to enter some of my pictures in a competition!

Well.  I decided to go for it.  This year I entered my decorated sugar cookies and two individual portraits into the open class competition at the 137th Annual Chisago County Fair.

Feel free to just scroll on over the pictures to see how I ended up placing in the fair…





This one looks boring….

…but it was one of my favorites.











And some with pastels.


As far as how I placed… I can't even believe I am saying this… but I took first in every category I entered.  Even the pictures. 

And to top it off, I even won Grand Champion.

I started tearing up when I saw the big purple ribbon because it was such a shock.  I have never won something like this (probably won't ever again) and above all else I am so humbled. 

So, in true egotistical, eccentric, totally over the top Academy fashion, I would like to give a little speech. You may groan inwardly now.

Thank you Dennis and Pat for watching the kids Thursday night so I could decorate cookies.  Thank you Chad for not saying anything about the disgusting mess current state of our home.  Thank you Colton, Parker, and Audrey for not complaining when mommy was in the kitchen for 8 hours straight on Monday and happily accepting some bread and string cheese as dinner. 

And thanks all you fabulous bloggers who stopped by and visited even though I haven't been to hardly any blogs this whole week. 

Monday is catch up day for me!

Now, I have to get some rest for tomorrow.  I hope to have a nice big post for you on Monday about the very unusual events I am participating in this weekend… I am going to meet someone bloggy famous!

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Reader Comments

  1. Congrats! I can’t believe you remembered what I put in my Christmas letter last year. I am very honored. I am just starting to get mine ready for this year. Just framed some really cute pictures of the boys and am still trying to figure out what baked goods I am going to bring. I will let you know who everything goes 🙂 You will have to post the pictures that you entered so that we all can see 🙂 Congrats again and keep your fingers crossed for me at the fair in 2 weeks.

  2. When I read “Chisago” I became concerned that you would never become a sucessful blogger! Thankfully I quickly realized it was intentional. Congratulations on your big win. You kick butt 😀 You met someone bloggy famous???? At the fair? You and Dooce on the teacup ride together?

  3. Those cookies are too pretty to eat…although I bet I would manage to get past their “beautiful-ness” and chow down if they were in front of me. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your bloggy meet-up.

  4. That is awesome Amanda. Way to go. Not only are your cookies beautiful but they are tasty too. Congratulations Smanda you totally deserve it!!

  5. I’m loving your stuff! I’m not allowed to eat it anymore- at least not often, but hubby has a wicked sweet tooth. When I bring home commercial pie from the store he says” Even bad pie is good.” I love to bake and recently learned how to flood cookies and yours look great!

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