Did you know that a few weeks ago I completed a 68 hour fast?

It was life changing.  I dont say that lightly.

I am totally addicted to food, to eating, to thinking about eating, to loving to eat anything and everything around me.

I love to mindlessly eat… lounging in front of the TV or computer.

I know that I have made food an idol.  Its gotten pretty out of hand.  And its also gotten to be a pretty vicious cycle.  I eat, and eat, and then I feel frustrated and guilty and defeated.

So I tried this fast with one stipulation.  I couldn’t make it about food.

I know that sounds weird, but I wanted to get my head right with God. I knew that body stuff would come later.

When I started it I didn’t know how long it would last, I didn’t know what I was cutting out, I didn’t know what I was doing it all.

But I knew that I wanted to accomplish one thing…every time that I had a craving or was mentally motivated to eat, I wanted to fill myself with the Word.

And I did.

There were only a few times I was actually hungry.. for the most part it was all a mental game.

I ate nothing but water and coffee. (which is really not smart, do NOT go on a coffee fast… coffee is a natural intestinal stimulant… and I think I will leave it at that!)

I pretty much carried my Bible everywhere.  Mostly, it was laid out before me… scribbled on and crinkled. (I read it in the sauna once.  I don’t recommend that either.)

I wanted to see it through though… I wanted to get a glimpse of God, of His will in my life, of who I was supposed to be, of what I was supposed to be doing.. where I was supposed to be investing my time.

That fast was the catalyst in me making many changes, one of them blogging.  I was putting my blog (blogging as a whole) first… before Bible time, play time, quality time with family.

It sounds so stupid to say that… its just a blog right?  Its just words and pictures and updates.

But I felt like it was so much more!  I felt like I had an obligation to my online friends and that if I didnt  keep up I was a quitter and a failure!

What I am finding is that everyone is a little (if not a lot) overwhelmed by blogging.  My friends and readers welcomed the break from reading ‘i am mommy’ multiple times a week and feeling obligated to comment.

Well, when my sixty-eight hours was up and I started eating again (what would you eat first after waiting three days??) I didn’t feel that different.

I didn’t feel any more spiritually enlightened.

Not for a few days anyway.

But since I completed that fast, every single life situation has been viewed differently.  Instead of me reacting as I normally would, I now have a whisper of God’s Word on my heart, and I am able to recall it and meditate on it.

For a month now whenever I am discussing something with friends or family I have been saying, “Oh yeah!  When I was fasting I read that, or I learned that, or I discovered that….”

(hope thats not too annoying yet guys.)

Another amazing side effect was how it impacted my prayers for others.  I would come across a verse and feel compelled to send it to them… or mediate on certain Scripture and feel like I was supposed to pray for someone specifically in that moment.

Even though I fasted for me, I was totally able to fully realize how much I needed to re-focus prayer time and be praying a little less for myself.

I started a fast again today… just for one day… because right now I want to lean more heavily on Him.

I am learning that for me, fasting not only has immediate rewards, but continuous and long term rewards as well.

And I just love that I can feel closer to the Almighty.  His security and comfort is unequaled on this earth.

Oh yeah… and its helping me gain a healthier perspective on eating too.

And want to know what the first thing I ate was??

Was it sweet?

Maybe savory?


Spaghetti.  And a cupcake.  It was awesome.

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow, Amanda. Good for you. Such wonderful insights. You are an inspiration and this reminder to keep our hearts/heads in the right place is beautiful. Hugs!

  2. In my mind, fasting is inextricably tied to prayer and the scriptures. I can’t quite wrap my head around doing it for merely physical reasons. I think you are very amazing to have done this and I’m glad you were able to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. This was a lovely reminder to me and I thank you for sharing this very personal experience with us. (I wish I could follow your example, but that’ll have to wait until after the baby comes…and nursing stops.)

  3. …And that picture of those chubby little hands folded in prayer is perfect. One of the most beautiful and fulfilling sights is that of your children learning to pray, hands clasped awkwardly, words barely understandable, and with love and humility so apparent.

  4. Oh wow. The few times I’ve fasted, I’ve focused more on what I was giving up than what I was supposed to be filling that void with. Needless to say, nothing changed. It seems rather obvious to turn to the Word every time hunger strikes, but I certainly don’t do that. Thank you so much for sharing, I think this may change my life!

  5. I am fasting today – and was about to give up because i was really hungry but your words inspired me to keep it up.. God is good and he gave up so much for us – can’t i sacrifice some hours for him? the answer is yes I can and i will.. and everytime i am hungry im going to pull out my Bible & read a verse… He will give me the stregth to fast. Thank you all for your kind words and motivation !

  6. It was so very interesting to read your thoughts about your blogging. I was in the same boat on the other side of the sea. I don’t blog, but I am a follower. Recently, I had added a BUNCH of blogs to my YAHOO page & read them daily — like the morning newspaper. But…it got to the point where I was constantly checking them to see if anyone had posted anything new — and it got out of control. I decided to delete most of them, and now just “catch up” w/ people here and there on fb or twitter. If I miss a contest – oh well. Thankful that I got it under control before I went on too long that way. Thanks for your honesty in posting your feelings.

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