• I’m Sick of Being So Sweet

    filed under: Miscellaneous on September 29, 2009

    I mean really.

    Everything I make has seven pounds of sugar in it.  Its got to stop!

    But…I must warn you.

    If you do not like veggies or pickling, you might want to turn back now.


    Picnik collage.canning

    Chad's been pickling peppers.


    He almost turns it into art.


    Each jar is a mini masterpiece of color, variety, and flavor.

    People LOVE his pickled peppers.  People who love veggies that is.  I have never eaten a single piece.  I dislike peppers immensely.  And think I am allergic to anything that has been pickled.

    I am a terrible wife.  

    Its part of the reason I make him so many cakes and cookies.

    Guilt baking.

    Picnik collage.canning2

    There is an extra fridge in our garage that is dedicated to his creations.

    We will probably go through all of this.

    And be advised.  If you invite us over, we are probably bringing some.

    We might even share. 🙂

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    OK, so the talent in your family doesn’t end with you.
    I get it.
    I like pickles. Used to eat them on Saturday mornings while I was watching cartoons, in fact. But I am not so sure about pickled “other things.” As in, did I see cauliflower in one of those jars? I am having a very hard time imaging that taste!
    And I just can’t eat peppers.
    But I cannot deny your hubby’s talent, and my admiration of it. *grin*

    Excuse my lack of understanding on the subject, but why do you have to refrigerate them? Does he not process the jars? Is that why the pickles I make aren’t crisp?

    Oh wow! They’re so bright and colorful! I’d hate to open them and ruin the ‘looks’ of them! =0)

    I LOVE Vegtables. I am not ashamed to admit it. I love sweets too but they put weight on. Everything looks yummy.

    They are not actually “canned”, but just refrigerator type. That does make them stay crisp.

    Wow! I’m all crazy about those peppers now! Great pictures!

    Wow! That looks so pretty.

    They look amazing!!

    You’ve been busy at your house. I like the colors! I don’t know if I’d like pickled peppers.
    Hope you’re having a lovely day!

    Playdate at my house! You, of course need to bring the peppers! 😉 Seriously, I would love to have you and Laura and the rest of our buds over, how fun!

    I’m so there!!  You pick the day… I’ll bring the goodies!!

    That looks so good! I’ve been on a semi-healthy food kick lately so all those veggies– yum!

    The photo’s of your niece are beautiful! The peppers, I don’t like peppers either, although Chad and the kids do. I will say the amount of peppers is impressive!

    Would your husband share his secret?? I don’t love the pickling either…but my husband would love if we did something like that!! 🙂

    Oh my goodness, I want to come to your house and sneak some pickled veggies! I’m a southern girl who still hasn’t mastered this art! I hope you’re enjoying them!

    Thats pretty amazing..and organized! I bet they are delicious. Must be a man thing, my husband also loves pickled peppers! I, like you stick to the baking.

    WOW!!!! and the recipe??? 🙂 can you cold pack these versus putting them in a fridge. They look LOVELY!!!!

    Wow that is a huge stock! Beautiful!

    Does your husband have an equally talented brother?

    i have a sweet tooth that is balanced out by a sour tooth.. they look gorgeous..and i am suddenly having a pickle craving now.. you are welcome to bring some over our place anytime

    Oh lord 😉 God bless you. I do my share of canning. This is so much work, but so rewarding!

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