Would you like to play a game??


Since I have yet to figure out how to make my blog interactive, I guess we’ll have to settle for ‘I’m gonna play a game and you can watch’.  That sounds really fun for you.

So have ever had a conversation, say, with a child that went a whole lot differently in your head then what you actually said?  Have you ever wanted to say one thing, but purposely said another?  Have you ever had to restrain your thoughts and sensor your speech?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you are qualified to play…


Scenario #1

Sitting at the dinner table last night and Colton says to me, “Mom, can I have some more broccoli?”

Did I say:

“YES!!!  YES!!!!  Of COURSE you can have more broccoli!  I am SO glad you asked for more broccoli, it is SO good for you!! All my dreams have come true… you actually like food that is good for you!


“uh, sure sweety.”

Scenario #2

About 15 minutes into my 30 minute Shred workout, I am really feeling the burn.  My muscles are quivering, my vision is blurred from the sweat dripping into my eyes, and my motivation to keep on is quickly dwindling.

Colton says, “Mommy, look at me!  I can jump!”

Did I say:

“Does it look like mommy can look at you right now?  Can you not see that I am trying my darndest to just do 7 more oblique push ups before I collapse on the floor in defeat?  If I look away, even for a moment, I might miss Jillian saying that I can stop!


“Wow!  Great job.”

Scenario #3

Children are playing together and start getting rough.  Parker cries, “Mommy, Colton hit me!”

Did I say:

“Well, what do you expect??  You just bit him in the thigh!  And before that you did a steam roller over his head!  And screamed so loud in his ear that my eardrums hurt!”


“Please do not hit.”


I think you can all just about imagine what remained in my head and what I actually said.  And after writing down these every single moment of my life occasional occurrences, I realize that I talk to myself a heck of a lot more then I care to admit.

But its ok if its all just in my head right?  Right?

Right? Did I say that out loud?

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Reader Comments

  1. At least of “they” decide talking to ourselves is insanity we can keep each other comapny in the “hospital.”

  2. ROFLMBO!!!! I have to say I’m more like Kristin, I should probably hold my tongue better, but a few of those things have def. slipped out first! HEHE! Love it!

  3. I just discovered your blog (I was searching for blogs about the Shred…mine’s still in the wrapper it came in!) and I am thoroughly enjoying your wit and honesty. I loved the post about the River Market (is that the right name?. Tomorrow I will be making your sugar cookies for my daughters. Of course they won’t look like yours, but the effort is what counts around here.

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