Baby Eddie has been growing!

We all have actually.  I heard this crazy theory that you are supposed to lose weight after you have the baby.



While this is not the perfect shot… I get all warm and fuzzy looking at the interaction between Colton and Eddie.  They just adore each other!  All of the kids love baby Eddie.

So do we.


Speaking of Colton… we put him in a kayak for the first time ever.

And he took off! Picked it up right away.  Hes a natural!  I think he would have gone over the whole lake if we would’ve let him.

At the lake I managed to fall and twist my ankle pretty bad.  It swelled up to twice its size and I could barely walk on it.  We headed to Fargo where I got an x-ray and diagnosis.

Not broken.  Ligament pulled.  Stay off it for 7-10 days.

Well, I didnt stay off it but I did get a handy dandy walking cast.


We managed to enjoy the rest of our weekend… and even celebrate the 5th birthday of this little guy.

My heart breaks (in a good way) thinking about these boys growing up into men.  I just cant bear the day when I wont be able to wrap them in my arms and snuggle them till they are begging me to stop.

Well, I supposed I could still do it when they are 30.  It might be awkward, but so worth it.

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Reader Comments

  1. Your kids are so adorable. What blessings 🙂 They are all growing. I tell my kids not too but they don’t listen 🙂

  2. Hey there!
    So glad your foot isn’t broken! Try and be good and take care of yourself. 🙂
    Your children are adorable and your photography gets better and better!
    Have a blessed end to summer, Kari

  3. Definitely glad it’s not broken – take it easy….if you can with those adorable kids … They are growing up so fast!!

  4. Oh. My. Word. Girl, you crack me up! I love your sense of humor always gets me. “Awkward, but worth it!” You are so right. And your boys are getting so big!

  5. your kiddos are growing! it is so bittersweet to watch them grow… my “baby” is starting middle school tomorrow… yikes! love the kayak! fun stuff! stay off the ankle as much as you can… it will take longer to get to normal if you don’t! just went through that with the hubby! 😉

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