You may remember from when I talked about Parker throwing up in the car and then us having to then go into the doctors office so I couldn't clean it up right away.

I did try to clean it up later, used a regular household cleaner and then a carpet sanitizer, but I didn't get all of it clean. 

I was going to bring it in to get the upholstery shampooed and was looking for somewhere to do with a half hour of us. Its really hard to bring your car somewhere when you have two small kids who will be waiting until its done.

I called a few places yesterday, and one guy told me that there was no way they would clean up old throw up because of the health risk to them.  No contact with bodily fluid.  I tried to say, "Its not wet or anything.  I have cleaned up most of it.  I just need the carpets to be shampooed."

"No way.  No how.  We wont do it."


So then I called another 'detailing' business that specializes in doing cars/trucks/boats from bumper to bumper in and out.  I knew it would cost a ton, but I really thought I should make sure the car is as clean as possible.

He called me back this morning, told me there no way they would even consider touching any bodily fluid or be exposed to that type of germs, he could get seriously hurt or sick.  I said, "Well, you better not leave your house then."

(I know, I know, snotty.  I was frustrated and annoyed at being made to seem so insensitive to others.)

He then went on to tell me that he was the only one there and if he got sick he can't earn $800 a day.

Then he hung up on me.

OK.  Fine. 

1. I did not have to disclose that there was vomit.  They probably would never have known as there was no odor from it and just looked like spilled milk. (I was upfront with everyone I talked to about it because I thought I should be)

2. Is your business not to clean things?  How do you say you will not clean something because of whats making it dirty? 

3.  Am I the only person in the world who has had a child get sick in their car? 

I mean seriously.  What does everyone else do?  Just wipe it up right away?  I couldn't do that in this case.

Chad took it in today to get detailed at some place about an hour from our house and it will cost us over $100 when its all said and done and he has to be there while they do it and miss work.   

I just feel really silly.  Like the fact that I even asked these car cleaning establishments to clean my car was so stupid on my part and I should have known better.  I feel like I should have known better.  Does everyone know these things but me?


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Reader Comments

  1. I LOVE that you believe in truth and honesty, Amanda! Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel ashamed for choosing integrity over deception. It’s true that we who believe this way often pay for our “naivete.” The world doesn’t operate that way and it laughs at those who do. It fails to understand God’s priciples. But what comfort to remember that Jesus IS the truth. Wouldn’t you rather have His pleasure, His smile? Even when it costs something?
    No,my friend, you were not stupid. You were wise. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Oops, here I go preaching. Sorry. But it riles me when purity of heart is made to look foolish. Those with pure hearts shall see God!

  2. I agree with Grace!
    I would have been totally honest with them too. That is just crazy to me they can’t clean up kid throw up. You have valid questions. That just makes no sense to me. Can they not wear gloves or a mask or something??

  3. I would have said/done the same thing. We use a lot of Melaleuca products though at our house and I’m thinking Sol-u-mel would have done the trick. Not to make you feel bad but I’m just saying. You did a good thing, Amanda. Really.

  4. This is the site I remembered and loved. Thanks for all that you are and all that you do.
    May God bless you always,

  5. Now on to the Rant ~ Your “Damned” if you do and “Damned” if you don’t. It’s all a test and maybe this is one that doesn’t need your attention. Have your car detailed ~ as bodily fuctions and their possible carriers loose all strength and die after such a short time. Beside there has to be somebody out there that’s light is willing to shine in your direction!
    Hoping this will work out in one of Gods favors,
    Take care of you my friend,

  6. You were right to be honest…I just can’t believe they were such jerks about it. And once it is exposed to air that long there is little to no chance of infection, anyway. Not to mention gloves, masks, etc. that I am sure these people could put on. There is NO way they have not cleaned up vomit before.
    I recently had to clean dog vomit out of my older car….but I did it myself at a carwash that has something to wash upholstery with.
    Anyway, shame on them for not being willing to work with you on this.

  7. I agree with everyone, you did the right thing. I think it’s crazy that someone in the BUSINESS of CLEANING cars thinks that vomit’s the thing that’s going to make them ill, when most likely they’ve came into contact with other bodily fluids they have no idea that could be carrying actual diseases, etc.
    I think it was Katie that mentioned Melaleuca, I agree the Sol U Mel would clean it (btdt). It may even be easier if you rented a steam cleaner or shampooer from a store and you or Chad do it yourself. Just to not deal with the hassle or the rediculous price!
    I’m sorry you had to deal with such ignorance and arrogance.
    In my mind I’m thinking “it’s kids puke, get over it!”

  8. I would be ranting too! That’s just crazy that companies won’t do that! I understand about safetly issue but that’s what gloves are for.
    Hope your car is now pretty as new! 🙂

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