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filed under: Miscellaneous on October 8, 2008

Just wanted to update you on my day yesterday.  Its earth shattering news and events, so hold on to your seat, you might just fly off if not properly secured.

It was gloomy and dreary.  One of my favorite types of days.  Before I had kids that is.  They like to be outside.  I like when they are happy.


My feeble attempt to embrace fall with pumpkins.  Lots and lots of pumpkins.  There are more too.  As I stood in the drizzle to capture these fantastic shots, one of my neighbors came outside and glanced at me.  In an attempt to be friendly I threw up my arm and waved like it wasn't making my underarm shake like a turkey neck.  She promptly turned away and ignored me.

"I said good day.  I said good day!"  Name that show.

I decided to try Martha Stewarts famous (is everything she does famous?) sugar cookies.  Not good.  I do not recommend them.  But the kids had fun!

IMG_1851  Colton working hard.


And Parker too.

And then there was the marker incident of 2008.  Colton managed to find a permanent blue marker and wrote all over himself and his brother and the floor and his toys.  Yes, yes, I know.  This would have been the best picture.  But I was not there at the moment and dad cleaned up the mess and failed to see the humor in the moment.  Ha!  I only saw the humor after he was able to successfully clean it up!

Road trip tomorrow so a busy day today.  Laundry and packing and finish Bible study and get the dog kennel situation figures out and call the exterminator…

I'll save that story for another time.  Maybe never.  Maybe the next consecutive 27 blog entries I write.  We'll see.

Many blessings!


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  • Grace says:

    What a gorgeous shot of your home. It is absolutely beautiful. Stunning color. Frame-worthy! I wish you were my neighbor, Amanda; I’d sure wave back.

  • Karen says:

    “But the kids had fun!”
    Then it was a success, whether the cookies were good, or not, right?
    BTW, I’d wave back, too!
    And, my books are being delivered today. I’ll mail yours out soon!

  • Karen@Surviving Motherhood says:

    “But the kids had fun!”
    Then it was a success, whether the cookies were good, or not, right?
    BTW, I’d wave back, too!
    And, my books are being delivered today. I’ll mail yours out soon!

  • Kim says:

    Amanda I think your fall attempt looks great. And as far as the neighbor goes well their loss! I liked reading your day to day.
    Blessings to you.

  • Amanda Jo says:

    Aww!!! We’ll miss you while you’re away! The kids look like they had so much fun making cookies!!

  • BP says:

    Hi Amanda, Your pumpkins are beautiful! I love pumpkins too!

  • janis soule says:

    lol Gotta love the kids and now you’re going to add a princess to the mix (FYI: They like markers too. lol)
    Have a good road trip and let’s plan something for next week! 🙂

  • Katie says:

    Your home looks beautiful and so are your efforts. I had one of those kind of events when my son at the age of three found my ink pad and stamp. Just imagine the decor once he finished his masterpiece. Love your reads my friend and your pics. Take care and may God bless you and yours always,

  • Kate McDonald says:

    LOVE your pumpkins..,that was the only thing in my garden that tanked this year…and I need to go and get some!!!
    thanks for commenting on my blog the other day- your comment wasn’t stupid at all! i think the billboard just hit me strange because it seemed so casual…

  • tracie says:

    I love how you decorated….it looks gorgeous! That is just a great fall picture.
    Flip your neighbor off next time…that will get a reaction ; )~ Juat kidding! Just be glad we aren’t neighbors…I would be in your kitchen making a mess with your boys and the cookies!

  • Kate McDonald says:

    Thanks for posting the You Tube link on my blog…very enlightening. I am not supporting Obama – I just wanted to post a variety of links I had been sent. I think its pretty hard in this election to find ACTUAL facts because so much is reported. I wanted to represent the variety of opinions I have been sent since the posts called “Vote for Jesus”- my position is simply this: God establishes authority and He’s working all things into His plan to RETURN and I want to cooperate with Him and His Kingdom. Period. This is a heated election and although the posts got off on a few issues, I just want to encourage believers (MYSELF INCLUDED) to keep my eyes on Jesus.
    Hope you are a having a blessed Sunday, Amanda! And again thanks…that video is telling

  • meg duerksen says:

    hi amanda.
    that quote was driving me nuts so i finally googled it. 🙂
    ahhh…yes. willy wonka? is that what you were thinking?
    your pumpkins are gorgeous!
    it inspires me to do more than just set them out haphazard on the stairs. I am just picking up one each time i go for groceries. it seems less expensive that way.
    and at least you tried the sugar cookies. making them is the memorable part anyway.
    i am so glad you found my blog and now i have found yours. 🙂
    have a wonderful monday night.