(ha, did you totally say "Who's there?" in your head???)

Anytime we go anywhere, its a drive.  A typical outing to a grocery store is about 30 minutes away, so the kids and I have spent lots and lots of time in the car together.

Recently, my trusty DVD player broke, and there has been lots more bonding and singing and joke telling.

I use that term loosly, joke telling.

Its more like the most random words passed off in the form a joke.

Let me give you an example.

One of the kids will shout, "Knock knock!"

The other two will look at each other with great anticipation and shout, "WHO'S THERE?"


(they are really getting giddy now)


"Truck went to the store and found a bird and he had legs and his legs were orange and he liked letters!"

Ha, ha, ah ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha…. they erupt into a harmonious laughter and are just delighted in their joke.

One more:

"Knock knock."

(looking at each other in wild anticipation then screaming in unison)



"DADDY WHO?"  (they really are in unison, I kid you not)

"Daddy tells me to say "Come on in when someone says Knock knock!""

Uproarious laughter.  

One more.

"Knock knock."

Making the obligatory eye contact prior to responding.



My dear sweet children (apparently in the same frame of mind) instead of saying, "Jesus who?" said,

wait for it….


And started laughing and clapping with an excitement that rivaled visiting Disney World.

I guess they were pretty darn excited Jesus was at the door.

And man, was my momma heart proud at that moment!



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  1. Wonderful how you can document these touching stories in your blog. The modern moms version of a diary except that you share them with all of us. This touched my heart at well. Love!

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