Looking For Blessings

filed under: I Am Mommy on April 3, 2013

There are some days when I just have to be intentional.  Its a concentrated effort to not yell or be angry.

On those days its really important that I  intentionally seek out blessings.

Baby Eddie Sleeping



Like when I walked in to check on Eddie during his nap time, and found his snuggled up with a book.  Maybe this young child of mine is developing a love of reading!  Now that is a blessing! (and an encouragement for this homeschooling mama!)

Or just recently, when after dealing with a disobedient, defiant child, they returned a few minutes later with this:

Child Drawing


Talk about humbling a mama’s heart.  Did you see that he even included the new baby in there?

Nothing breaks a hard heart like an act of pure love. 🙂

Ever have a moment when Facebook comes to the rescue?  I was looking for a distraction… a moment where my brain could turn off and stop obsessing for mommy guilt and a dirty house and being too fat and gossip and lies and injustice.

So I logged into facebook of course.  And saw this:

Try Gods Way


Um….. da.

Banging head against wall when I tell my kids the same rules over and over and over again… only to have them disobey over and over and over again.

Why not try something new?  Seems too easy.  But its not.  Its just that simple.

I just want to encourage you to seek out blessings today, in every shape and form!

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  • Cookin' Canuck says:

    Well said, Amanda. So many times, I too have had to take deep breaths (not always successfully) when dealing with a grumpy boy. Inevitably, a hug or a card comes my way a little later in the day. It makes the world seem okay again.

    • Amanda says:

      Sounds like your guy sure loves him mom. 🙂 I have a feeling you are an excellent parent Dara! Maybe you should add a new subcategory on your blog???

  • this is lemonade says:

    The beautiful drawing really touches my heart! The little baby is such a sign of a thoughtful child. And the quote is a simple but clear challenge to all me. I hope I look more and more, to try what often looks like the “alternative” way, before I try my own <3

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for your sweet (and wise) words! 🙂

  • Lia says:

    I needed this. I too, was looking for a distraction after getting some bad news about a house we have been trying to sell to no avail. The whole situation seems overwhelming and our options are running out. Thank you for the reminder to keep looking at Him for guidance, answers, and support.

    • Amanda says:

      Will be in prayer for you Lia!

  • Janmary, N Ireland says:

    So lovely Amanda, and good for this Mummy’s heart too 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

    • Amanda says:

      You be blessed too sweet Jan!

  • Mommypage says:

    This is very sweet! That picture is adorable! Also, that is a great quote. 🙂

  • Megan says:

    So true! Thanks for sharing! I can definitely relate to the frustrating moments, and appreciate those “duh” moments bringing us back to remember what really matters, and to set our sights and thoughts right with God.

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