Matchbook Mini Tutorial

filed under: Miscellaneous on May 10, 2010

A while back I made these little matchbook mini's.

I love them.  I take them everywhere.  They are slim and cute and can be thrown in my pocket or in the car or in the diaper bag.

Perfect for recording life's little moments that I would surely forget unless I write it down.


Recently, my oven broke and so did my heart a little so I had some free time.

I decided to make a few more of these little books.  I ended up making twenty six.

It took seven minutes.

More or less.

Anyway, just trying to say its easy.

Whats that?  You want me to prove it?

Challenge accepted grasshopper.

You will need the following supplies:
cardstock in your choice of color or pattern

white paper


scissors or utility knife



picture for front

Start out by cutting off a section of cardstock three inches wide.

Then measure out seven and a half inches.  Your matchbook is going to be 71/2 inches long by 3 inches wide.
Yours will be nice and flat because you wont have to pry it out of your toddlers death grip as she tries to eat it.

Measure in three inches and fold.

Then fold it over.  Like this.

You can now fold the bottom flap up.

Cut out 4-10 pieces of paper slightly smaller then your matchbook dimensions.  Roughly 3 x 3 inches.
Place the paper inside and staple the lower edge.

All done!  You can now decorate if you want!


(if anyone knows how to make a blog cake call me)

And since I heart you I decided to make a few of these to share.


The first three people to comment win one.  

I will send it to anyone in the cheaptomailto continuous forty eight states.

I value these bad boys at about $97 each.  

Ya know.  For all the labor involved.  Or somethin.

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  • vibram shoes sale says:

    Great Idea – Now I just have to be able to find them in my purse and find a pen….

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  • JeKaren Taylor says:

    Super cute! I decided to use these as my business cards. I made up a few and had stickers printed to brand it. BAM!!! Cheaper and more useful than a regular business card, I had all of the supplies!

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