I received the book Me, Myself, and I Am in the mail yesterday.  I had won it from a blog drawing from Trish over at A Joyful Heart.

This is the prologue: (in part)

Me, Myself, & I Am can be used in many ways: as a map to explore your faith, as a lens to focus on your relationship with Jesus, as a fun way to let others get to know you, or as a starting point for important conversations with friends and family.


I am enjoying it alot and wanted to share some of it with you…

The following is from page. 29, labeled "My Creed".

You are to answer each question with yes, no, or maybe.

  1. God created the world.
  2. Evolution explains a lot about species diversity.
  3. The Trinity-Father, Son, Holy Spirit-exists.
  4. Heaven and Hell exist.
  5. Heaven exists but not Hell.
  6. Jesus as Son of God was born fo a virgin and lived a sinless life.
  7. God hears the prayers of everyone, not just Christians.
  8. Eternal salvation comes to those who live good lives.
  9. Every person is responsible to save himself or herself.
  10. Believing in Jesus is the only way to receive God's salvation.
  11. People receive eternal salvation through baptism.
  12. People receive eternal salvation through both baptism and communion.
  13. Jesus literally rose from the dead.
  14. Religions other than Christianity may lead people to God.
  15. Satan exists.
  16. The Bible is the fully and only inspired Word of God.
  17. The Bible is full of inspiration but may contain factual errors.
  18. God speaks divine truth to us in many ways.
  19. One day Jesus will return to rule the earth.
  20. Jesus Christ is coming back soon.
  21. Miracles happen.
  22. All human life is sacred.
  23. All life on this earth is sacred.
  24. Some places on earth are sacred.
  25. Humans are born in sin.
  26. God desires no one to go to hell.
  27. No one I know will be condemned to hell.
  28. Animals go to Heaven.
  29. Right beliefs are all I need to be right with God.
  30. Faith without good works to show for it is not saving faith.
  31. I will be held accountable for my life before God.
  32. God invites us to pray for the dead.
  33. Purgatory exists.
  34. All who put their trust in Christ will be resurrected from the dead.
  35. Christians are obligated to care for the earth.
  36. Christians are obligated mainly to care for things of the spirit.
  37. God has abandoned this world to judgment and destruction.
  38. The church is the body of Christ in this world.
  39. God is at work in the world.

After you go through and say yes, no, or maybe to each of these you are two pick the three that you are most certain of.

I chose 4, 10, and 16.

4. Heaven and Hell exist.

10. Believing in Jesus is the only way to receive God's salvation.

16. The Bible is the fully and only inspired Word of God.

Then you are to write how these beliefs have changed your life. 

Well, I simplified my answer, but I could have written a book on how they have changed my life.  Because without these core beliefs, I would never have been born again into my life with Jesus. 

But in spite of myself, and all my baggage and drama, I was anyway. 

I encourage you to go through and answer these statements.  I encourage you to develop your creed.  What do you stand for?  What do you really believe, and why? 

OF course, I would love to see everyones responses, but I will refrain for asking for them because these topics can be extremely personal. 

BUT!  If you would like to leave your top 3 'most certain of' responses… feel free to do so.

Many blessings-


P.S. Take a second and check out The Nut House .  This darling mom had me laughing OUT LOUD at my desk.  Shes a hoot!  I especially liked the Baby Alive bit…

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  1. I just saw your comment and stopped by. I do have a 100 things list, I just need to link it so people can find it.
    Just to stress, I do not hate sports, i just don’t place my whole into them. My frustration comes from people who call me “crazy” “wierd” or anything else because of my position! We can all like different things, right?!
    I’ll stop back soon…

  2. okay this will be long so i should probably put this in an email but here goes…
    and my top picks were the same as yours.
    these questions really made me think. i had to dig deep and consult my husband on a few of them…

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