• Desserts for the Deserving

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    The need can be anything from a new baby to a hospital stay to the loss of a loved one.

    The desire on our part is the same, to make life easier for the recipient.  To give them a gift of a warm, comforting, homemade meal.

    When my church reached out and asked if I could bring a meal to a family that just had their first child I said yes before she could finish talking.  Having just have had a baby myself, I know how wonderful a small kind gesture can be!

    So in addition to the main grub, I decided to bring them a fun dessert.



    I made the six different cakes in jars!  They are roughly a single serving each, or if you are like me, they are half a single serving.


    Each jar is different and each has its own distinctive frosting.

    But here is the fun part.

    I made them all from ONE cake recipe.

    White Cake


        • 1 c sugar
        • 1/2 c shortening
        • 1 c milk
        • 4 egg whites
        • 2 c cake flour
        • 3 tsp. baking powder
        • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


        1. Combine sugar and shortening until well blended. In separate bowl, beat egg whites until light and frothy. (about 3 minutes) Sift baking powder into flour. Add flour to sugar mixture alternating with the milk. Add extract. Gently add egg whites and fold in until just combined.
        2. Pour batter into prepared pans and bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes depending on your stove.

        Baking tip specifically for jars:

        1. Add 1/2 cup cake batter to well greased jar and bake at 325 for 35-45 minutes. The goal is to make sure the center is not raw, hence the longer cooking time. Start watching your jar at 30 minutes to make sure you don\'t over-bake.
        2. Here is how I made six different cakes with one batter!
        3. In every recipe I added the suggested ingredients to 1/2 cup of the plain white cake batter.

        Here is how I made six different cakes with one batter!

        In every recipe I added the suggested ingredients to 1/2 cup of the plain white cake batter.

        (I used this buttercream recipe and Cool Whip for my whipped topping)





        Doh!  That should totally say PEACH, not peace.  Sorry!




        This was a fun and easy way to make sure everyone gets something they would like!


        I also tied a tag onto each jar describing the contents.  I sorta had this vision of the new mom sitting at her kitchen table at 2:00am feeding her baby with every jar open in front of her and shes sampling a little from each one.

        Maybe that was less of a vision and more of a fantasy.  Cause like, I am still feeding my three month old at 2:00am.

        I also added little words of encouragement on the top of each jar… a Bible saying on a couple, “Congrats”, “Blessings”, easy sayings like that.

        This whole project with definitely a labor of love and I felt so privileged that I was able to offer up a small gift!

        If you try it, be sure to leave a comment and let me stop by and gush over your Dessert for Someone Deserving!

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        I LOVE this idea!

        I know I am 3 years too late but I am planning on making these for Christmas this year and I have a few questions.

        What was the size of the mason jars you used?
        How many mason jars did this recipe make? I know you said 6 types of cakes but wasn’t sure if that meant 6 jars.
        Does the cool whip frosting last long enough for overnight sitting and thena couple of hours of travel and sitting time (room temp) or would you suggest going with the buttercream frosting?

        What size mason jars did you use?

        Don't Pass on Dessert!