Move Over Beyonce

filed under: Miscellaneous on March 12, 2010

Its been raining for about four days now. 


And today… a little song popped into mind.

You are my sunshine…

My only sunshine…


You make me happy…

When skies are gray…


You'll never know dear…

How much I love you..

Please don't take my sunshine away.



Who is your sunshine?

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  • Bethany says:

    What a precious little one. Aren’t little girls so much fun? Little boys too, but there is something special about little girls and their mommy’s. 🙂 I love watching Ty grow into an incredible young man, but it breaks my heart that he is growing so far away from me. It’s as is should be though. I wouldn’t want to keep him tied to me and have him struggle to break free later.

  • Christina says:

    She’s so beautiful!

  • Julie in WA says:

    I always sang that song to my little girl. We live in WA after all. Except I changed the words a bit….
    You are my sunshine
    My (inset her name here) sunshine
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey
    You’ll always know, dear
    How much I love you
    ‘Cuz I’ll tell you everyday!

  • Rachel says:

    Your little one is absolutely darling!!! I love the photos and the sunshine that does seem to be streaming in!

  • Sonya says:

    Lauren loves it when I sing that song to her. When she was really little it always made her smile no matter what.

  • Christy says:

    Jordyn. that was the song I sang to her!

  • Londa says:

    Audrey is the most beautiful little girl! How do you choose which pictures to put up on your walls? Too cute!
    My sunshine would be my three musketeers…so nice to be enjoying real sunshine with them again! Yeah!

  • Nanan says:

    That is the song of Louisiana – written by a former governer you know! I used to sing that to my sweet Camille Ana during her first days and cry my heart out – darn post partum depression! all better now – but she is still my sunshine! Every day more plants and trees are sprouting – it is heading your way!!!!!

  • Mara says:

    such sweet sweet photos!!! I have two not-so little ones and they are my sunshine!

  • underground hypnosis says:

    the youngest is the one that makes me smile the most, the older ones are always fighting,

  • bridget {bake at 350} says:

    She is SO precious!!! What a cutie pie!
    Oh, and I voted for you, too!

  • ellie and abbie says:

    Amanda, I found your blog by clicking through on a link from OhDeeDoh.
    What lovely posts you have.
    Beautiful pictures in this post!
    Take care,