My First Ever “Not Me” Monday

filed under: Miscellaneous on December 15, 2008

This is my first and only installment of…


I have seen Christy and Janis and Ashley do these, and of course McKmama, but have never felt inclined to participate. Until now.  Being 72 weeks pregnant (ok, ok, so I'm only 38 weeks preggers) has taken its toll and my blog creativity is dwindling fast.  So!  I decided to do this and so how it goes. 

I did not contemplate eating an entire box of Russel Stovers milk chocolate assortments.  And the only reason that I may have not eaten the entire box is because I do not like coconut or the roman nugget.  Not me.

I did not let my youngest child sit in a wet diaper for 4 hours because it was only a 'little' wet and I was too lazy.  I most certainly would never be that bad of a mom.

I did not, just today, complete  the 125 Christmas cards that I started one MONTH ago.  Even though I didn't even make my Christmas cards this year,  I did not draw this 'project' out for more than 30 days.  I am simply to organized to ever let that happen.


I did not ignore the full and clean dishwasher twice this weekend because I knew my wonderfully thoughtful and considerate husband would take pity on me and empty it. 

I did not have the most, um, eh-em, ah…. 'creative' sex dreams this week.  And I did not consider waking my husband up out of a dead sleep at 3:00 am to "tell" him about them even though he had to get up at 4:30am.   Pregnant women don't get horny right? 

I did not just use the word horny on my very Christian and G-rated blog. 

I did not let my kids fall asleep watching Curious George and fail to read to them out of their wonderful children's Bible because I was watching HGTV and could not get enough of Lisa LaPorta.  I would never be so selfish and neglect their Biblical upbringing like that.  Not me.

I most certainly did not take a picture of my children throwing a fit.  I would never laugh because Colton threw himself on the floor screaming and then Parker saw him and laid down precisely right next to him and started screaming as well just because he wanted to be like his brother.  I would never miss a learning opportunity just so I could grab my camera.


I am always calm and speak in a loving tone of voice.  So you know I did not snap at my child at Walmart for whining for a toy that I did not take great pleasure in not giving him.  I would never react to my child that way, much less in a public place. 

We do not only have 3 more days until I meet my daughter.  It is not the first time I have referred to her as my daughter.  I am not afraid to be having a baby girl.  That would be silly and so unlike me.

Feel free to say a prayer or two that my surgery goes well on Thursday and that everyone is healthy!

Have a wonderful week!

God bless-


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  • Kristin says:

    This was great!
    I will certainly be thinking of you and praying for you this week. What a wonderful, exciting time. May God bless your family as you meet this new little one.

  • Tarah says:

    Thanks so much for stoping by my blog and leaving some comment love! Very excited to hear from a Minnesota girl!! Also,do you already have 2 boys and another on the way? Did you keep the new baby a surprise or did you find out?
    So many questions for a new comer huh? Love your blog and I will add you to the blogs I follow link.
    Prayer are with you this week as you have the baby!

  • Tarah says:

    Oops…and I forgot to say great job on your 1st installment of not me’s! And PS, I never ate a whole box of chocolate when pregnant;)

  • Amanda Rettke says:

    Hey Tarah!  Welcome!  I do have two boys and we have a girl on the way.  I did not keep the baby a surprise, I am NOT good at surprises! lol  I found out the first possible second.  Thanks for the questions! 
    God bless-

  • BP says:

    This is a fun meme. I’ve seen it a couple other times.
    Hope you have a great week!

  • JanMary, N Ireland says:

    Hugs and prayers for this Thursday. My eldest was born on 19th Dec (4 weeks early) and we got home on Christmas Eve.

  • Junita says:

    LOL – Goodness – I am not even sure I know 125 people! I’ve been holding off on my 30 cards or so for weeks now!

  • Ashley Griffin says:

    okay… several things
    i too only speak kind and loving words to my kids.
    i never had nor do i have good S E X dreams. and i am not glad to know that you are normal too. i mean, you ARE pregnant with #3 right?
    and don’t worry AT ALL about having a little girl… if i can do it YOU can do it!!

  • Staci says:

    I definitely remember having similar “dreams” while pregnant! I also never considered waking up my husband to tell him about them 🙂
    Best of luck on Thursday…girls are great…I have two (after having a boy first) and I have to say they are so much more fun to dress:)

  • Molly says:

    I’m already saying prayers for you! I can’t wait for you to meet your little girl…there’s nothing like your own little girlie! You will be blessed to raise one.
    Thinking of you every day….

  • Tammy says:

    Ohh I am so excited for you. Thursday eh!!? What a great time to be having a baby. I will most definetly be thinking of you this week. Good luck and may God Bless all of you. Please let me know if you need anything. I AM right down the street.

  • Gardner Momma says:

    I love your Not Me’s! Good job!
    I totally laughed about the “creative dreams” comment….. I have “not” had the same thing happen to me. Except I went so far as to lay on my deeply sleeping hubby until it occurred to me that it was the middle of the night and he might not appreciate being woken up. Later that morning he said “what were you doing?”. Then, of course, he wondered why I chickened out. Oh well. And I was totally scared to have a daughter too, but it’s great. She’ll give those boys a run for their money!

  • tracie says:

    I loved this! It made me feel better about not being perfect. And I had to giggle when you said horny : )

  • Christy says:

    For some reason I’m not getting emails of when you update. Humph! So I’m doing catch up! LOVED your Not Me Monday and you really need to make it a ritual once you’re back to feeling human again! ROFL I know I’m funny! BTW I actually choked when you wrote “horny” on YOUR blog!
    Love ya girl and can not WAIT to hear all about little Miss Not announcing her name yet (we do that too) and I can’t wait to see her! Please make sure I’m on the email list!!!!!!