I am a selfish blogger.  I admit it.  The main reasons I blog are too:


  1. Tell everyone I know about my faith and Jesus.  I am a far better writer then talker, so it was a wonderful way for me to share the Truth. 
  2. I love my family and kids and cannot seem to take enough pictures of them, so this was one way that I was able to share all those pictures.  I adore hearing about how cute my kids are…even if it is my mom saying it every time. 😉
  3. I am very opinionated! So my blog has given me a creative outlet for sharing my views on topics that might not arise in casual conversation.  The neat thing about blogging my opinion versus talking about them is that I am more accountable for facts and details in my blog.  I have now begun to fine tune those opinions!
  4. As a Stay at Home Mom, I don’t get out much.  Socially that is.  I love being in ‘contact’ with others women and moms who share like views.  And I love the Proverbs 31 accountability they hold me too!  Thank you!


Well, that is a rough draft of my mission statement.  I will have to really tweak it and make it mine, so to speak, just as soon as I finish my testimony.  But this is what I am presenting for now, as I wanted to include it in a blog tour, which starts tomorrow.


Many blessings to you and yours!


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Reader Comments

  1. I can totally relate to your need to “socialize”!! And for the record, sharing Jesus is NOT selfish at all!

  2. GREAT mission. Mine feels like a rough draft, but I should’ve posted it that way… Great points that you make and that I can relate with. 🙂

  3. Great mission statement! I am loving reading about every one’s intentions in their blogging! You articulated your very well! I enjoyed my visit here.

  4. I feel much the same about blogging as what you wrote. I really identify with not being such a good talker…I feel like I say things much better in writing, that is, I feel like I communicate what’s really in my heart better.
    I’ll be back to visit your blog again.

  5. I really liked your number 4. Good point! I feel the same way about “connecting” here in blog land.

  6. Good job on your mission statement! I believe this was my first visit to your blog, and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

  7. Amanda…Glad you joined the Blog Tour because otherwise I met have continued missing you on Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I don’t get to all of them but I try to get around! Same as I will continue doing with the Blog Tour! It was nice to see so many!!!
    I don’t get why you call this a draft! I know #3
    says you fine tune but this is FINE!!!!
    I’m not a mommy so I guess I don’t fit your part!
    But I love WHO you put first! So does that count?
    It’s beautiful to see such love for one’s babes! From the previous comments, seems like many are right with you! Hard for me to see selfish anywhere seems like your priorities are right: Jesus, Family and Others…it’s right there in black and white…accept it as it is! Thank you for coming to my TSMSS though I’m not sure the HUM…thoughts mean you liked or not but no matter…you blessed me with a comment! Thanks!

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