Yesterday, Sept. 9th was sweet Hannah's fourth birthday. 9-9-09.


It was also my in laws wedding anniversary!


And the day before (9-8-09) that was my folks' 36th wedding anniversary. 


And Sept. 14th is my sisters anniversary. 


(Angie and Kurt have big obnoxious arrows next to their heads)

And I have a feeling I am forgetting many more.  I do that.  Like… I am still trying to remember when mine is.

And apparently Audrey hasn't even been born yet, according to my astute abilities to recall dates.


We were lucky enough to be able to see Hannah on her big day, and even able to make her some girly cupcakes.






Too see her face light up when she saw them was priceless to me… her excitement was contagious!!  She took great care in picking out which one she would be eating first.




And we took great delight in watching her eat it!


Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Belated Birthday, Belated Anniversary, First Day of School, First Pair of Sneakers, First Anniversary of Your Second Date, and anything other important event I may be forgetting!

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Reader Comments

  1. Loved the family pics! And the cupcakes are great looking, as always. Perfection must be so stressful for you : )
    We might get married next year on 10-10-10. I like the idea of it, anyway. October is my favorite month. And, we aren’t getting any younger and have social security and retirement benefits to start thinking about…lol.

  2. I noticed the date error on the sign in your post awhile ago. It was so refreshing to me to see that I am not the ONLY one that makes mistakes like that and doesn’t catch them. I still loved the photos.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing your cupcakes.. they look absolutely delicious. Beautiful family pics too. Cheers! Edith

  4. WOW! Your cup cakes are amazing. What lovely photos, so much happiness and love in them.
    Thank you for sharing such a speicale time

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