No Room at the Inn

filed under: Miscellaneous on December 17, 2008

Well, some news.  Poor Janis went through this… so I really know how she feels now!

The hospital called and they are "all booked" so they wanted me to reschedule for Friday.  When they might have more room for me.  So, I am not having a baby until Friday, December 19th. 

I am totally disappointed and annoyed and frustrated, but I know that its nothing in terms of the big picture. 

One more day.

Oh well.

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  • Grace says:

    I may have missed this in a previous post…Are you having a C-section? Is this why you have to have an appointment for the birth? Your due date is nearly Christmas! So special!

  • ElizaBeth says:

    God’s timing is perfect. I know that doesn’t really make the waiting easier. And my son says to say “hi”.

  • Ashley Griffin says:

    just one more day!! you can make it!

  • Michelle M. says:

    That must be so disappointing for you. At least they didn’t make you wait until next week. I pray that everything will go smoothly for you tomorrow!!

  • BP says:

    I prayed for you at 4:30 this morning(when Caleb walked to my bed) thinking this was the big day. Sorry they didn’t have room today. I will be praying today friend.

  • Grace says:

    I prayed for you this morning, too.

  • Julie in WA says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I like your humorous spin on circumstances! No room at the inn! You now have something in common with Mary and Joseph! Be thankful that you have not been sent to a barn somewhere!!! God’s timing is the right timing, and I will pray some more!

  • Katie says:

    He has his reasons. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours during this successful delivery of your baby girl and always. Take care and May GOD bless you and yours.

  • Kristin says:

    How utterly frustrating. But I guess there is a reason. I prayed for you this morning at “C-section time,” but even though the surgery was a no-go, prayers are never in vain. Be thinking of you (and praying, too) tomorrow morning.

  • Liz says:

    Oh sweetie….I feel for you!!!

  • JanMary, N Ireland says:

    Oh no – if it is any consolation, 11 years ago tomorrow I had my c/section for my daughter.
    Hugs and prayers.

  • Christy says:

    I’m praying girl. I know everything will go well. I can not wait to “meet” your new daughter! I know how much you love and enjoy your boys and little girls are such a blessing too and I know you’re going to enjoy her just as much!!!!
    Lots of prayers and so much love being sent from Germany tonight!!!!

  • Amanda Jo says:

    Are you having the baby today?!?!?! I’m praying for you!!!!!!

  • Janie says:

    LOL The Lord had other plans!! hehe He knew when she was to be born. Bet you are glad that it is over. Love, Janie