Not Me Monday

filed under: Miscellaneous on January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

When you have a gassy baby, sometimes the best thing to do it cut dairy out of your diet.  Infants have a hard time digesting dairy products.  I would never complain about this.  Surely my childs comfort is more important then wether or not I get a cup of milk or not.  Even though I love milk. 

I did not let my husband emptry the dishwasher approximately 72 times this week because he never complains about it and just does it to help me out and be a sweety.  I would never take advantage of him like that.

I did not buy a 32 oz can of cashews and secretly plan on eating the whole thing by myself and not share a single one.  Me?  Selfish?  Not a chance.

I would never walk around my house braless ALL week long.  I would never sit and munch on (dairy free) tootsie rolls.  And I would NEVER consider putting some under my boob to warm them up cause they are easier to eat when they are all soft and gooey.  Because that is sick and gross and my boobs are not saggy after having breast fed three kids.  That did not happen.

Can't wait to read all about what you didn't do!

God bless!

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  • Domestically Challenged Girl says:

    That was hilarious! Loved it!

  • BP says:

    Good morning! These posts always make me laugh! I don’t know if I could write one so funny. I love it! Hope you all have a blessed week! It was in the 70s Saturday and today we have a little bit of icicles hanging on our tree!

  • Janis Soule says:

    LOL – can I just copy yours for my not me Monday? lol Sounds too similar!: )-Minus the tootsie rolls. I love them but don’t even keep them in the house cause my hubby and I would eat ourselves sick!
    Hope all is well!
    (PS. I use gas drops for my gassy baby and that seems to help…gotta have some milk!)

  • Liz says:

    Ok that last one made me laugh right out loud!! Thanks for that!!!

  • Katie says:

    Oh my “Didn’t Do” list is to be continued, probably for the rest of my life. I love this entry. Thank you for your visits and your sweetness that you share. Take care of you and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do……Twice.
    May God continue blessing you and yours always,

  • Elyse says:

    Love your Not Mes. I did not make a 9×13 cake on Saturday night and eat the whole thing…finished it today after lunch! Love your Not Mes!

  • sarah says:

    LOL – boobs double as tootsie roll warmers. Priceless!

  • tracie says:

    LOL…and I just ate some Tootsie Rolls!! Not boob warmed, though…lol. Too funny!!!

  • Julie in WA says:

    Oh, Amanda, this has to be one of the funniest blogs yet! I love the tootsie roll warmer the best! I knew a woman who would freeze Girl Scout cookies (in an effort not to eat them all in one sitting) but then she would remove one at a time from the freezer and pop it into her ample bosum for a quick thaw! Me, I did not eat two frozen fudge bars tonite to cure the hangover from last nights four-pieces-of-fudge binge.

  • he & me + 3 says:

    Those were hysterical. I love the last one bout the tootsie under the boob…atleast you didnt sit on them. lol

  • he & me + 3 says:

    Those were hysterical. I love the last one bout the tootsie under the boob…atleast you didnt sit on them. lol

  • Katie R. says:

    Amanda, I would never do any of those things. Nope, I’m almost positive.

  • Beth says:

    LOL! Ok, that was hilarious! I enjoyed your post. ha

  • Gardner Momma says:

    Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS! Who knew breasts were handy for so many things?

  • Janie says:

    Hmmmm you are sure of that?? lol Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Janie