"You can always tell a persons priorities by how much time they devote to them." 



I heard this in my Bible study tonight. It was a light bulb moment for me.

One way to look at it is through yourself.

What do you spend the most time doing? Is it work? Reading? Hanging out? Being with family?

And do your time allotments line up with what is most important to you?


As far as what I would say my priorities are, (in order of importance) I would say;

1. God (as in time spent in the Word)

2. Chad

3. My children

4. My home

5.My friends and family

6.My personal hobbies/interests.

If I were to rate my priorities in order of how much time I devote to them, it would be a little different;

1. My children

2. My home

3. My personal hobbies/interests

4. Chad

5. God

6. My friends and family



In my mind, in my heart, I give God the glory and praise first.  I pray many times throughout my day, and participate in Bible studies and church services.  I do research about Biblical teachings and I read books that I hope will deepen my understanding and relationship with God.

Yet He’s fifth on my list of time.

(I think I may have some re-evaluations to do.)




Bible study tonight was pretty good.  The message from miss Priscilla Shirer was about the Holy Spirit and His role in a believers life. 

One thing she talked about that really got me thinking was how… "your conscience in NOT the voice of God"… your conscience has been shaped by your influences and your environment.

I guess I have always known that, but have never heard it spelled out so ‘matter of factly’. 

If we are making decisions in life based on what our conscience is telling us, we may be making morally correct decisions, but that does not mean it is God’s will in our lives.

I thought that was pretty powerful.

Three Things to Look For To Determine if the Holy Spirit is Leading You:

1. The witness of the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit doesn’t try to convince you, He just tells you)

2. The illumination of the Scripture (Does God’s word back it up?)

3. The confirmation of God’s hand in the circumstances  (self explanatory)

Well.  I think that is enough for me to ponder tonight.  I pray that you are healthy and happy.


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Reader Comments

  1. Amanda; that was a powerful Bible study; I get my priorities out of order a lot too; seem to spend way too much time on the computer,LOL,
    that is so true about the Holy Spirit; he tells me and keeps telling me until I do what the Lord wants me to do
    great thoughts to write!

  2. Wonderful food for thought ~ This one really makes you think ~ Thanks for sharing. Take care of you and Thank you Amanda for your visits and your wonderful comments and kind words. God bless you and yours,

  3. Hi Amanda, I found you. It took some doing… So happy to meet you today. I am looking forward to getting to know you and all the ladies at the study better. We feel so blessed to have found Alliance. We were so happy at our old church and having to leave was such a rough decision. What a relief to know we have an opportunity to make new friends at a new church we feel confident will feel like home in the near future.

  4. Something to think about. I spend the most time on my kids and Scott. And those are the most important things to me. I know we disagree on that, though.

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