Hum.  Lots going on.  Let me give myself a guideline so I don’t get totally sidetracked.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have been doing that a lot lately. 😉

1. Doctor

2. Internet Safety

OK, so I have had the dilemma lately.  The story is SO long and boring I am going to spare you the details.  However, what you need to know is this.  I had C-Sect. with both my kids.  I was told I would be having C-Sect. with any future kids. (That still might be the case)  Dr. M (my doctor for both kids)performs a very specific suture-less Cesarean that he learned in Guam, and I have felt so privileged to have that procedure performed on me.  My recovery was minimal, and my scar is practically non-existent.  It was a wonderful experience.

The clinic he works at was not.  They were rude, inefficient, and mis-diagnosed my 1 week old baby which urned into him having to have surgery when he was one year old. 

Dr. M refused to acknowledge that  the clinic was sub-par and told me if I wanted to be his patient I had to deal with it.

I never felt right about that.

I just found out today that there is a new OB/GYN at a hospital 10 minutes from my house (believe me, its a miracle to have anything 10 minutes from my house).  She performs a suture-less Cesarean.  Is that a miracle or what??  I have an appointment with her next Monday. 

Please pray for me that this is the way the Lord wants me to go… that I am not having to compromise the health of my baby is choosing a different doctor.  But I am so encouraged right now it is not even funny!  My hope is soaring!

OK… Internet Safety.

My darling and protective aunt sent me this article Spirit Led Writing about "Your Families Privacy: Where do You Draw the Line?"  It was really, really interesting. 

The author, Heather Ivester, has some really good points that are worth considering for EVERY person who has a blog or on-line journal or public website.

In contemplation of some of her ideas, I am thinking maybe I should not refer to my children by their names on my blog anymore?  I know I need to be very careful, and have my children’s best interests at heart… so what I need to know is…

What do you think?  Should I refer to my children by different names on my blog? (like C and P or Kid 1 and Kid 2?)

I would appreciate your input immensely.

And it wouldn’t be an entry without a picture of the fruit of my loins. 


Fruit of Loin #2


Fruit of Loin #1

ok, ok, so I need some work in the ‘alternate’ name department.

God bless!


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Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations Amanda.
    The sutureless method is proven and sounds like you are making a fine decision in changing docs. ” Some day life’s journey will be orr’ Think on that tune!
    Do you have pet names for your young ones? That might work. ie. Our firstborn, being small was “Tadpole” and our second being an active one was “chip” — as in an active chipmunk.
    Thanks for your fine posts and pictures. Always a blessing.

  2. I have never heard of that method of c-section..sounds like a much better way to go than the kind I had. You are completely right for changing doctors…he may have been good but it sounds as if they dropped the ball so to speak with your son.
    I would consider using alternate names only because they are so young and you never really know who is looking at pics of them. Better safe than sorry, ya know? I used my kids names because they were older…but I still try to be careful and not post pics that have their school name or mascot on them. And I never give the name of where Brianna works.
    Have a great Friday : )

  3. I think that’s great that you have an OB/GYN closer to you who does the suture-less C-section, and is not with that clinic. You sould go for it. I really like the pregnancy widget in your sidebar. As for your question — if my kids were younger or not as mature as they are, I would probably use nicknames and not give out as much info about them. With your boys as young as they are, it probably wouldn’t hurt to use nicknames for them.

  4. I know lots of folks that use their children’s names and lots that use made up names. I guess it’s what you feel comfortable with having out there. That’s helpful huh? 🙂 My blog’s not all that popular so not many folks read it, if I was a famous blog person I’d probably consider being more secretive.

  5. Amanda, I wouldn’t mention your kids names; a blog I follow calls her sons, son1, son2, son3 by their ages; that’s why this time around I’m not mentioning my son’s nor my husband’s names and no personal pictures of them, I only have 1 picture of me in my diet blog and that was from 2005; I don’t look like that these days; my only recognizable person is Koda, LOL

  6. Hi! I found you from your comment on PW’s site. I’m in the same boat as far as using my kids’ names on my blog. I always have just because I assumed that very few people were really looking at my blog anyway. For now I still call them by name, but I guess soon I should stop. Then do I go back and delete their name references all out?…Hmph, what a delimma?
    You have some great pics here!…

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