On a Battlefield

filed under: Miscellaneous on June 6, 2008

Imagine standing on a battlefield all alone facing an angry army of 1,000 men.  Each is breathing torturous threats at you.



Suddenly you feel the earth pound beneath your feet like the hoof beats of 10,000 horsemen.  Your heart melts with fear as you prepare yourself for the ever-mounting foe.



Then you realize it isn’t 10,000 horsemen after all.  It is one.

Your gaze lifts higher and higher as you try to focus on His face.

He looks 100 feet tall atop His stallion, and His very presence emanates authority.  He is stunningly beautiful.  Staggeringly powerful. 

His horse gallops onto the battlefield, kicking up the earth.  He pulls the reins and comes to a stop right beside you.

He then looks at you and says,


“Proceed into battle, might warrior.  I am on your side.”




When we call upon His name, God promises New Testament believers that same kind of power and victory in the far more terrifying battles of the spiritual realm.  He didn’t just promise we’d be conquerors.  He promised we’d be more than conquerors.  Christ will never take us into a battle we cannot win.





The preceeding is an excerpt from my Bible study, Stepping Up, A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent, by Beth Moore. 

I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this small paragraph.  I almost missed the power of these words, as I tend to read really fast and skim over things.


These words that she has written… they are life changing for me.  I can honestly say that my feelings about my journey, my life, have improved because of my new found confidence in the Lord. 


Thank you Beth Moore!!


I am praying for you mighty warriors.


God bless-


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