Out of Focus

filed under: Miscellaneous on November 13, 2010

Although the weather man predicted snow today, I really had no idea that it would be like a FOOT of snow and that it would cause massive power outages accross the state of Minnesota and that from 11:00am to 5:00pm today we HAD NO POWER.

About seven seconds prior to me putting to most beautiful cheesecake I have ever made into the oven, my world went dark.

I immediately hopped online and tweeted for "HELP!"  asking dear friends, "what should I do?  Leave it out?  Refrigerate?"  I had no idea!

Of course, just because my new laptop had a fully charged battery didn't mean my wireless modem was going to work without power.  Hence, no tweet ever went through.

So!  I left it on top of the stove and went outside to shovel.  In the middle of the storm.  Isnt that what everyone does in power outages???

Then I got hopelessly sidetracked by these guys and ended up shoveling only a portion of the driveway.

I do that a lot.

Lose focus that is.  Not shoveling.



And their insane ability to catch snowflakes on their ridiculously long eyelashes.


More snow tomorrow and then very very cold temps for later in the week.  

At the risk of sounding very silly I must tell you, I just LOVE this time of year!

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  • alice says:

    Oh my goodness.. I am so jealous you had snow! Beautiful, precious children.

  • Karen says:

    I am soooooo not ready for it. Please keep it all in MN.

  • Paula says:

    Beautiful photos capturing your first snowfall of the year. I suppose you put your *most beautiful cheese cake ever* into the fridge until your power came back on and hopefully we will see beautiful photos of that on your next i am baker post.
    Enjoy this time of year and your new laptop!

  • Reeve says:

    I LOVE this weather, too! And yes, the shoveling. Oh my. My sister and I had to do it all today (and she doesn’t quite understand that the point is for the snow to QUICKLY be shoveled…so it take a looong time. Plus, she really doesn’t have any arm muslce. And she’s 14. Oh dear.), and my father just stayed inside, all warm and dry, while we suffered! But friends came to help out, so it ended well 🙂 (Plus, my father hasn’t burned his calories for the day, but I sure have! heehee)
    I love how big snow storms in Minnesota just draw the community together – our whole neighborhood was outside shoveling together. So nice to just be warm and cozy inside and have a calm Saturday!
    I’m sorry you didn’t have any power for a while (I, myself, don’t mind loosing the power as long as it’s in the summer), I heard that over 70.000 homes lost power for the next 24 hours! That is crazy – good thing it’s not colder, but still – brr!! Several of our friends are taking a little weekend vacation to a hotel while they wait for it to come back on (luckly our neighborhood didn’t lose power). I think I am just writing in really long unending sentences, but my arms are kind of tired still from shoveling. I tell ya, it took a long time. Looong time.
    And I also LOVE that last picture! So cute! The world of winter wonderland sure is magical!
    Ps. How’d the cheesecake do? I’d go without power for a day if I could nible on a cheesecake that night 😀

  • Reeve says:

    oh my goodness – I wrote a novel! Sorry! Oh my. (I’m just very excited about all this snow. And you’re so cute in your writing. I just had to comment. A lot. You know how it goes. I lost my focus! teeheheehee…)

  • Christina says:

    Great pictures!
    Stay warm, I LOOOVE snow. And because I live in Texas it’s about once every 5 years :/
    P.S. Favorite dessert: cheesecake.
    That is all 😉

  • Jenney says:

    We had 70 and sunny here in Ohio today. TOTALLY not the “norm” for this time of year, but I”ll take it! Although it is giving our allergies a run for their money.
    AS I clicked over to your page I thought “I sure hope she posts kiddo pictures today”. You did not disappoint :o)

  • Courtney says:

    Oooh I can’t wait for the snow! Your children are adorable, great pictures!

  • Bethany says:

    Wow, how crazy weather can be! It can stay away from here for a while if it wants. Feel free to keep it until maybe Christmas eve? 🙂

  • ElizaBeth says:

    How fun! I miss snow 🙁 I wouldn’t even mind the mud!

  • NorthernGirl says:

    I love this weather too!! (I’m a Winnipegger, currently living in Northern Manitoba). We just got our first big dump Thursday and it’s awesome! In my town, you can drive snowmobiles all over the place and people have been going crazy. I just love how quiet it feels.

  • The Lumberjack's Wife says:

    Snow already? We had a light snowfall today.
    Cute kids! How did the cheesecake fare?

  • Amy K says:

    We had about 3 flakes – it mostly stayed north of us!
    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the cheesecake story…
    Great photos of your cute kiddos!
    You be careful expectant-lady shoveling.

  • marla {family fresh cooking} says:

    Your children are stunning & these winter photos are gorgeous. Looks like you had to stop shoveling to grab the moment 🙂

  • Bethany says:

    I saw you had snow on Larua’s fb, but didn’t realize it was that much!!! Great pictures. 🙂
    Random story time!
    My parents needed a new wood burning stove, so I hoped on craigslist to see if there was a used stove (they have kind of an unusual one), and found on….in Fargo. I’m trying to talk Doug into driving up with me to get it for them. It’s been years since I’ve been up to your part of our country.

  • Karene says:

    I usually hate the snow, but your pictures and thinking of seeing the snow through the kids eyes makes me think maybe its not so bad… It is so much fun reading your posts and your photos!

  • mindy says:

    I am one of those weirdos (not that you are weird!) who love the snow. I also love your pics.

  • Gianna says:

    Okay, number one! That silly Reeve! I’m sure her dad just sat and read while she whined and groaned about the snow. Because the Paul I know doesn’t do any work around the yard, house, driveway. And I’m also sure that Reeve didn’t have any fun (or Simone for that matter!) I may need to have an intervention with them!
    Number 2: YOu are so sos oso sos sosoosososfunny! I’m glad your computer worked. I’m sorry that you didn’t think about the fact that you couldn’t talk to the outside world without a modem that needs power. You know why I”m so sorry, but I would have done the EXACT SAME THING!
    Number 3: Chris had to work, but the kids and I had no plans so we played and played and played in the snow. O was taking a nap and D wanted to build a snowman, so we did. M kept asking if I needed a volunteer. For what? I’m not exactly sure. B lost her sock and boot in the snow and was walking in in until I rescued her and sat her on the bottom bump of the snowman that came up to my waist. yeah, it was a HUGE snowman! So big that I couldn’t lift the second bump on top of the first–it had to be like 100 pounds. And so therefore I accidentally dropped it. So M and B and I put the pieces together on top. It didn’t turn out so well. It kind of reminds me of a very LARGE ET.
    Okay, with all the said, I”m glad you are back on with power and that you didn’t freeze!

  • Gianna says:

    You big baby! Love ya, Karen!

  • Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} says:

    I don’t like when there is no power, but I miss snow days and all the fun that goes with them, making soup-hot cocoa-snowmen-snow angels-just spending time with family and friends and no where else to go but the big hill to go sledding. Don’t see much of that here in So Cal 😉 my kids would love to have it snow at our house. Bundle up warm and enjoy!

  • ali says:

    Our power only flickered on and off all day, but never stayed off for any length of time, thank the Lord.
    Love the snowflakes on the eyelashes!

  • mikeandkatie1 says:

    So what happened to the cheesecake? Don’t leave us hanging!

  • Londa says:

    Beautiful children!!! I have to tell you, I don’t envy Minnesotans! I grew up just a few miles from the border…it’s always brrrrr cold up there! I love snow, but you all just have some amazing stamina for those temperatures! Stay warm and keep making yummy recipes to get us through winter! 🙂

  • jihae watson says:

    i just started blogstalking you, especially on your iambaker blog. you are crazy and amazing and i didn’t realize you had so many kids! i thought maybe you just had one. but 3 and you’re as busy as you are. crazy. you are awesome and i love your blogs and your creations. i am presently trying out your easy petit fours for a baby shower. by the way, the white oreo cakesters are back at walmart! 🙂

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