Outside my window…many, many birds chirping and singing.

I am thinking… about how frustrating it is sometimes to be a Christian.  To try and tell people about eternity/salvation and for people to ignore it, or even worse, to dismiss it. (and me)

I am thankful for…Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!  So thankful for Jesus.

From the kitchen…if you saw my previous post with a cookbook… you know I have got some great things cookin’ in my kitchen!  But my fav. right now is the fresh strawberries and blueberries and cream.

I am going… nowhere as of yet today.

I am reading…the Bible.  And When Godly People Do Ungodly Things for Bible study.

I am hoping…for the Christmas Tea idea to pan out…please Jesus!!!

One of my favorite things…is being together as a family, and I got 3 days of it this past weekend!

The rest of my week looks like… Bible studies Tues and Thursday, maybe some rain in the forecast, hopefully lots of giggles and laughter and learning.



I pray you are having a blessed day dear sisters in Christ!


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  1. “how frustrating it is sometimes to be a Christian. To try and tell people about eternity/salvation and for people to ignore it, or even worse, to dismiss it. (and me)”
    Imagine how Jesus felt as he carried his cross to Calvary, or how his Mama felt watching her boy being tortured to death and knowing that his torturers were guilty of Deicide.

  2. I would love to hear (read) your testimony of how you came to faith in Christ. I remember you saying it was when you were an adult, fairly recently. Is that something you’d be willing to share someday?
    So glad you’re feeling better these days!

  3. I’ve been reading just not always commenting, I’m still here. 🙂
    Just wondering if you rec’d that email I sent ya last week? Have a good day and stay cool.

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