I have been planning and preparing for Parkers birthday for over a month now!  It is actually over now, but I still have so many fun projects and highlights to share, I really hope you dont mind!

One of my favorite projects was this personalized book I made for Parker.  Its just a blank book for guests to sign and leave messages and notes for the birthday boy.  I hope he can look back on it one day and have fond memories!


It all started with a book I found at a thrift store for twenty five cents. 



I cut out white pages in card stock that I could glue directly to the existing pages. 


I wanted to add a fun detail for Parker, so I made little colorful pieces that would extend beyond the pages for built in book marks!  This is so easy… I just placed it between the pages before I glued it together!





Then again with the next element… a blue dot.



I will just go back a remove the pages I dont need.


And moving on to the fished product…this is the first page!  


Each page had a picture of Parker as well.



 And this was the final product from the outside… I also added his name and 'Happy Birthday' to the exterior binder.

As it sits on my desk, full of sweet birthday wishes and warm thoughts from family and friends, I have to say that it was worth it!  The cost was about $5 for the book, glue, paper, and printing off pictures.  

But the lasting memories are priceless!

Next post… how I made a 30 foot garland for under seven dollars!

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Reader Comments

  1. What a special memory. We did something similar for our wedding guest book. I love to look through it and read our friends’ well wishes. . .

  2. Very cool and crafty!! Instead of removing all the old pages, though, you could just keep going and use the book each year.

  3. You took a simple book and made a loving and lasting memory for Parker. The cost might have been $5 but you can’t measure the love that went into it and the memories that will come from it. Well done!

  4. You make me ill with how crafty you are.
    But you know I love you!
    The party was wondeful! I’m glad you had fun getting it ready!

  5. My friend has a booth at the Ren Fest here in MN and he is a book binder. he sells wonderful books like this made out of really cool marbled paper and other materials and beads..check him out, if you are out there and have a kid he does demonstrations where your kid can volunteer to help and actually get a free one to keep while he is showing how they are made..look near the baker stage..right in the bldg with the waterwheel..

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