Please take a moment and say a prayer right now for a friend who is grieving…

Jan just lost her dear sister to cancer.  They found out a week and a half ago.  They were VERY close and this is a huge shock to a grieving family.

Below is the email that Jan sent out providing a bit more info.  This family needs our prayers… please just take one moment to lift them up to the Lord and ask for His insight, understanding, acceptance, and peace. 

Yesterday as I waited to board my flight from Charlotte I was paged and I knew.
My sister Ellen passed away and was free at last from the pain she has been
dealing with for the last week and a half. She died yesterday at about 5pm. I
think it was her last gift to me. She knew I was on my way but did not want her
baby sister to see her suffering and dying. I had already tried a little sister
to sister communication and told her I was on my way but it was okay for her to

let go, she did not have to wait for me. I guess she took me at my word.
Roger and the kids are very sad and will miss Ellen always as will I. She was
such a special sister, mother, grandma, wife, aunt and friend. I always thought
a friend to my sister was just someone she had not met or crossed paths with
yet. She was outgoing, warm and generous. Fun loving, joyful about life and
family.And let us always remember her ability to make any day a holiday! And
what she did with holidays was truly magical!
At this time we are unsure of funeral details, the when and where. Ellen donated

her corneas to the Lion's Club Eye Bank. I like to think someone else will have
the gift of seeing life through my sister's eyes. It's a great view.
Please continue to pray. I may have sporadic access to email for the next couple

weeks so I may not get to write as much as I want. Service details will appear
in the local paper and she will be at White Funeral Home. The same place that
handled our Mother's funeral here in Minnesota.
I am very sad for me but I try to remember to be joyful that I had such a sister

in my life and now she is with all the other folks she has loved and lost. And I

know God and Christ welcomed her with open arms yesterday. Now I know about Good

Grief  … Good for Ellen she is out of pain and Grief for us who must go on
without her.
Much love and thanks for all of your love and prayers.

Many blessings to you and yours- and as Jan asked in a prior email to this- please embrace our loved ones and appreciate the relationships the Good Lord has so graciously given us.


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