I Should Just Go Back to Bed

filed under: Miscellaneous on August 29, 2008

Random thoughts I've had this morning at its not even 8:00am.


  • If I went to Perkins and got a French Silk pie, how am I going to explain why half of it is gone to my husband?
  • If I don't leave my house today and don't turn on my computer and don't turn on the TV or radio, maybe I go can go one day without hearing about Obama.
  • Do spiders get fat?
  • Should we go to the BIG park far away or just to the little neighbor park.  Which one is less work?
  • I have to start my Christmas card.
  • How many birthday anniversary's are there in Sept.?  Seems like everyone.  Can I get them all the same gift?
  • I wish it was fall so I could wear a sweatshirt and jeans outside.
  • I cannot possible think of ONE SINGLE baby name that is right for a girl.  Its impossible.
  • Why would anyone name their daughter Coco?  Hello!  Can we say adult entertainer? (Sorry to anyone who has named their child Coco.  Maybe you were thinking you like chocolate???) 
  • I have to clean the downstairs.  Again.  For the 3rd time this week.

It is supposed to be a beautiful day here in La La Land.  I should be cleaning and playing and teaching my kids all day.  And running errands.  And picking garden.  And showering.

We'll see if ONE of those things gets done! lol

Many blessings to you and yours!


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  • Katie R. says:

    Hey my dear, I like how you think. Especially the French Silk Pie problem. Solution: eat the whole pie? I know, I know that’s not a solution. It sounds good though. 🙂
    ps I’ve been tagged again so I’ll be adding more friends that’ll play the game. I forget you’re a good sport. Some of the folks that read my blog won’t play or do blog awards. 🙁 I can count on you though, right.

  • Julie in WA says:

    What a delightful post! A great way to start my day. Thanks Amanda!

  • [email protected] Motherhood says:

    Ooooo, oooo! My birthday is in September! And I don’t care if you get me the same thing as everyone else. *grin*
    OR, hear’s an idea. Go to Perkins and get the French Silk Pie, and TELL your husband you sent half of it to me as an early birthday present. I’ll take the heat for you.
    What are friends for??? *grin*

  • ElizaBeth says:

    Feed a bite to the boys… Then you could say they ate it. I’m all for just eating the whole pie, half for breakfast, half for lunch. Choclate is full of antioxidants so it is good for you…. Dairy has calcium, and the baby needs stong bones….. Need any other good reasons to eat it….. I’m sure I can come up with something….
    I know a boy named Cocoa.. for the color of his skin….. I STILL have know idea what they were thinking and he’s in 2nd grade! AND his skin isn’t the same color as when he was born, its more like vanilla latte now….
    AS for girl names, God will let you know when its the right one. We chose names after family and because of the meaning… My baby is Peace Lilly,the meaning, not her actual name, but she wishes I would call her that instead. Pearl Set apart for God, Victorious People, (She has 2 first names its a weird family thing). Our son Defender of Mankind, Who is like God? Just think God already knows her name! How amazing is that!
    And spiders don’t get fat. They only eat bugs…. That would be enough to keep me thin too. OOOO the next new diet- eat like a spider! LOL Too bad they don’t eat pie…..

  • Grace says:

    Oh, my goodness! I like you. I really like you! Your post today has won my heart. What a kindred spirit! God bless you for your “real-ness.” Thank you, Lord, for putting Amanda on earth!

  • BP says:

    I loved this comment you received: Just think God already knows her name! How amazing is that!
    Very cool to think about that!
    Hope you’ve had a good day!

  • Liz says:

    I have a very fat spider on my porch….it is discusting!! Haha!! Great post!

  • Tracie says:

    Eat the whole pie….or cover it up with veggies in the veggie drawer. Uhhh, not that I do that or anything…lol.
    My sister is going to pick a very modern type name for her girl…Karson is one of the choices. Eh. It’s ok, I guess. I tried to be original with my kids names…but with my son…there were about 3 in every class he is ever in.
    Good luck with the name choosing!

  • Wish it was Lacey says:

    Oh I so hear you sista!!
    Eat the whole pie…Problem “poof”…Gone!
    Girl names are hard cause there is sooo many beautiful choices.
    First time I have popped by and shall do again

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