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Is there anything in your life that you could be claiming more responsibility for?

Think about that.  Really.  Take a moment and ask yourself that question.

About the way you look?

The way you act?

In your relationships?

In your opinions?

How about in your parenting?

Take me for instance. 

My child can go into fits of anger in which he will scream and shout and throw things.

Where is my responsibility in that?

My extended family doesn't respect me. 

Where is my responsibility in that?

Someone I know does not know Jesus.

Where is my responsibility in that?

I do not look like I want to look.

Where is my responsibility in that?

Is my husband happy/unhappy?

Where is my responsibility in that?

If the price of gas is extrememly high…

Where is my responsibility in that?

I ask because I simply do not take enough responsibility in my life. 

Lots to do.  Lots to pray for.

Many blessings-


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  • tracie says:

    I actually started thinking along these lines a few months ago. There were several areas of my life that I was not happy with and I was blaming others for it without realizing it. Once I took responsibility for my part in things…there was huge improvement. I still have to get back into working out regularly. I hate the way I look..but I know it is my fault and my responsibility to fix it.
    Good entry. Thought provoking as most of them are.
    Have a great day!!

  • BP says:

    I appreciate your post.

  • BP says:

    I also feel a lack of respect from certain family members. Any ideas on ways to improve this? Email me! Preciousmoments2004 AT Gmail DOT com

  • janis soule says:

    (In a VERY whiney voice…) But I don’t want to take responsibilty! I LIKE being able to blame others for what I am sure is there fault! lol
    Thanks for a hit of the truth and a great reminder that only I (and God) can change I which can then change how other people react to me!
    God Bless

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