I was compiling some random facts about myself in my head (doesn't everyone do that?) and realized that after each thought, I had added the word seriously on the end.  Apparently I needed to reiterate, to myself, that I was not kidding.


So, if you would indulge me… after each of these thoughts, just imagine me looking at you sweet blogging buddies with a deadpan expression and saying, "Seriously."   For the IRL  (In Real Life) folks, I am sure once you saw the title, no explanation was needed.


I will turn 40 in eight short years.  For some reason that fact is totally freaking me out.


Having changed roughly 10,000 diapers in the last four years (yes, I actually sat down and tried to figure it out) why is it that every single diaper seems to behold a new challenge?


If I could dress anyway I wanted, I would get Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe from the movie Wedding Planner.  


I used to think I was calm under pressure.  I am the mom of toddler boys.  Its sorta a requirement.

Until this happened.


That is a bump the size of an egg.  I freaked out.  Thank goodness hubby was home. 

I had no place to vent my fear and annoyance that I let something like this happen to my baby so I sat and yelled at my husband for letting something like this happen to my baby.

(It was no ones 'fault'… Parker was pretending to be ghost and had a blanket over himself and ran head first into the corner of a wall.)

That bump was gone within two hours and he doesn't even have a bruise from it. 

I, however, am still completely traumatized from the incident… but I have feeling it is not going to be my last encounter with head injuries. 


I am a fan of Sarah Palin on facebook. Seriously. 😉

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  1. I find that when telling people something about myself I often either preface or follow it up with ‘seriously’, too! Wonder exactly what that says about me??? 😉
    First time to your blog but definitely not my last!

  2. i know how you feel. with four boys who all think they are invincible, we see a lot of goose eggs. our local ER thinks we should start our own clinic because we pretty much have already done what they do. we still go to see the dr if we see anything out of the ordinary.

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