I am crazy busy this week… not with anything exciting like an in home interview with People magazine or anything… mostly just with babysitting and Bible study and laundry and baking. 

Although I just might share that baking with you tomorrow.  Its something new for me. And it is YUMMY.

In the meantime, I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to a very special friend!

Kristin sent this adorable hand made shirt to us when Audrey was born. 


I don't know how she knew, but I sorta have a thing for long sleeve onesies.  And by 'thing' I mean full fledged addiction.

Audrey is now big enough to fit into it, and it just so cute!!  Thank you so much Kristin for your thoughtfulness and creativeness!

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Reader Comments

  1. Such a cutie pie.
    Just got caught up on your blog, wow, and now I think I’m hungry for pancakes…man that pumpkin with the jack-o-lantern in the middle was brilliant, cookies with addresses.
    The Pooh book was a find. Your husband’s waders freaked you out? That made me laugh.
    I love all these things you cook and you DO take great photos.

  2. Get your business cards ready, because I have someone very interested in using your “Minnesota” cookies!!!
    So today, I had a big luncheon for my little towns businesses, and the State Rep’s and Senator for my region were there. The Senator and I were talking about my daughter and her desire to have Julie come to her class because she thinks its cool that her mom knows a Senator… anyway, I digress… So, I then started telling Julie (Rosen) that I had a friend who made amazing cookies and is going to let me buy copious amounts of them (ok, 3 dozen)with our towns name on them for my daughters 6th grade class.
    You should have seen her eyes light up! She thinks that she should have them for her meetings!
    A few shameless plugs for my pals never hurts right?
    So, you know how to reach me! I need to get your business card (on a cookie would be cool wouldn’t it??) so I can send it to her!
    I havent heard from Mantha’s teacher as to when would be a good time to have the cookies in class but I will let you know! 🙂 lo

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