I have to be really honest here. 

Some one you may find this to be a deal breaker and be forced to delete my blog from your brain and computer.  Some of you might just want to reach through your computer and slap me upside the head, some of you might nod silently to yourself and say, "I knew it!  Heathen!"

But I will admit it anyway.


I love television. 

I enjoy sitting in my room at night and watching TV.  I love Designed to Sell on HGTV and the Real Housewives of New York and Life(soon to be canceled, click here  or here to try and save it) and the Hills and Taking the Stage and The Dog Whisperer and The Last Cake Standing Challenge on Food Network.


I don't hardly watch any TV during the day, if its on we are watching PBS kids or Disney or Nick.

But this past Sunday, I found my new favorite show.

Its funny.  Its heartbreaking.  Its drama!  Its endearing.  It is…

The Worlds Strictest Parents on CMT.

Basically, troubled kids get sent off to live with a 'balanced' family.  The first show I saw, the kids went to live with a 'deeply' religious household. (BTW, they were a God fearing, Bible reading family.  I guess people think that's extreme.)

Those kids were shown limits and given rules and expected to give respect where it was due.  Most importantly; they screwed up, were delivered consequences, but were then shown love and compassion. 

And they thrived.  Those kids were so desperate for structure!  It just touched my heart in a hundred different ways. 

Yeah CMT for putting a show on TV with good values and a good message! Its on Sundays around these parts, I hope you can give it a watch!



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Voting is on May 11th here, at my blog.  This is big news now… there is only ONE vote per IP address.  That means one vote per computer.  So if you really want to win, I suggest you rally your troops! Fame and fortune awaits!  (Is it sad I think $50 is a fortune!???)

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Reader Comments

  1. Are the kids in that show from Britain or America? We had a similar show here, and 2 english kids were sent to a christian family in America. There were other teenagers sent to Africa and India in other episodes.
    Have yet to mention my nomination on my blog yet! Amazed to be even included (thanks). Is there a prize for the lowest number of votes?

  2. Ha! Fifty dollars is fifty dollars more than I have right now! [As if I have even a smidge of a chance of winning, though! :-)]

  3. That sounds like a good show. We don’t have any extra channels but I might could catch it at my Mom’s sometime. We have watched the last cake standing I think, there are some neat shows/contests out there!
    Hope you’re having a good week! It still makes me so sad for you about your computer and losing the information and pictures 🙁

  4. Sounds like a neat show. I don’t watch TV but one hour a week…so of course I have never heard of it. What a great thing though.

  5. That sounds like a great show, wish it were shown over here. If it helps, I watch WAY too much tv too!

  6. No worries, I’m a tv watcher, too! My favs are Lost, Chuck, Biggest Loser, and I love the cake show, too!
    I love the idea of that show…I’ll have to look for it, or at least program the Tivo to record one! (Yep, I’m THAT much of a TV heathen!)

  7. Sounds like a good show.
    Some days I feel like I should send my kids to someone who really knows what they’re doing – for as hard as I try I still feel like a failure too often.
    But that’s where faith and grace come in, isn’t it?
    Gotta trust that God is BIG ENOUGH to cover my short-comings. Cuz I really don’t want to send my kids away.
    Well, sometimes I do. *grin*

  8. I saw one episode of that show about the strict parents…it was pretty good. The Hills?????????? Good thing I like you, lol. That show…shudder. My faves are Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, and Survivor. And…old sitcoms. King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne…love them!!

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