Sunshine and Blessings

filed under: Miscellaneous on April 1, 2008


The sun is shining and the trees are budding and the kids are begging to go outside.  It is a far cry from the views we had yesterday, but yet not anywhere near where I would like the temperatures to be.  Oh Spring, where for art thou? (I have no idea what that means and why I wrote it.)


I have a pretty busy week this week, which is abnormal for me because I usually don’t have much going on. 

This week I have Wed. night Bible study,  a doctors appointment for myself, Colton, and Parker Wed. afternoon, Thursday morning Bible study, am babysitting Hannah Friday through Sunday, and maybe even Jakob (my nephew) on Saturday.  Hubby is gone working at the Sportsman’s Expo that our Church is hosting on Saturday… so he’ll be over there setting up Friday night too. 

And whenever spring really starts to present itself, I love to open the windows and do some spring cleaning.

So!  It should be a good next few days.  I am thankful that I have activities to fill my time as well as activities that the children can enjoy!

Today I leave you with a Bible verse that often perplexes me.  Let me know if you think it applies to you at all.

“Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil.”

Romans 14:16 (NIV)

God bless-


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  • betty says:

    you do have a busy week ahead; that should be fun watching Hannah and perhaps your nephew
    that is an interesting verse you mentioned; Romans is a challenging book to understand; it took me several times through reading it to ‘get it’ and also a great Bible study on it
    to me I think it means if you think and consider something is good, make sure you are living like that so others can see the goodness of it; for example, if you say you are a Christian live like one so people will see your example; vice versa if you call yourself a Christian and don’t live like one people will definitely talk then and maybe be turned off of being a Christian. make sense? at least that’s how I would interpret it

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