This past Saturday my family and I participated in the Courage Center 5K.  IMG_1425.stamp

And when I say my whole family I'm not kidding.


(lovin' Audrey's sassy pose)

The race started at the Courage Center and ended up that the new Twins Stadium.  It was my first time there and it was super cool.

But anyway.  Back to the race.


We brought the double stroller and Chad either walked with/carried on his shoulders/chased after the third rogue child the whole race.



I couldnt stop taking pictures of numbers.  I had full on "Race Number Fascination".  

I think it stems from being a couch potato.  Ya know.  Cause having one on sorta made me feel like a real athlete or something.

I might have worn it around all day.

I might have pinned it onto every shirt I have worn in the last 48 hours.


Audrey showing daddy proper stretching techniques.

And we're off!  

Kidding.  We actually had to walk a quarter mile to get the the START line.

And we're done!  Great race huh?

Yes.  It took us FIFTY SIX minutes and thirty nine seconds to walk just over three miles.

I was horrified when I saw that time.

Therefore I have come up with a list of totally valid excuses as to why it took me almost an hour to go three miles. 

1. We started after the runners, so the clock read 10:00 before we actually went across the START line. (-10)

2. I was pushing no less then 60lbs. and no more then 80lbs throughout the entire race. (-5 min. per child)

3. The kids often wanted to stop and trade seats and do random things that surely contributed to at least 10 minutes of wasted time. (-10)

4. I had to stop and take pictures of the TwinCities skyline. (-5)

If you follow my very detailed calculations, I actually did the 5K in 16:39.

Thats right.  Sixteen minutes.  Not fifty six. 

That seems more accurate.

I'm the big red spot with bangs and teeth.

Truly though… we were so thrilled to be a part of something so big…something that promoted health and family and happiness… something that helps people who are so deserving.

And now I need to go carb load.  I'm not doing another race or anything, I just love carbs.

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Reader Comments

  1. 16 minutes – 😉 color me impressed. I think you mean “rogue” child instead of rouge child although that might also be appropriate since your face was rouge by the end. I have a similar pic of me after my one and only 5K.

  2. We love events like this!!! Aren’t they the best to participate in?
    Storytime…long comment ahead! If you google my name, it actually comes up in the stats for a 5K event called “Matt’s Race”. It’s a children’s cancer benefit in memory of a little boy from our church that’s with Jesus now. Anyway, Cody was brand new on staff at the church so we signed up for the event and excitedly arrived to meet our church people and a few hundred others… The event was broken down into walkers and runners. We were suppose to be “walkers”, but somehow, over-zealously trying to put ourselves “out there” to impress our new church people, we ended up being entered in the runner’s side. We got our numbers and thought we were so cool, then we joined our church group…they were walkers, with no numbers. Oops! We were obviously out of place with the runners and now with the walkers too. Even better, the results were published in the newspaper and now kept for all posterity online: last place with the 49 min 5K…Londa. Lovely. We didn’t even have kids to blame! Maybe I can claim that we were lovin’ people to Jesus! 🙂

  3. Wow, great job! The picture of the skyline is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 How cool that your whole family did the race together, I love it!

  4. They were so happy to be part of something for something big health and the promotion of some of the family and the happiness that helps people who are so worthy. And now they have to go charging in carbohydrates. No other race or anything else, they love carbs.

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