The Easiest Chocolate cupcakes

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I was in a pinch.  Ever since our chickens started laying eggs, I vowed to never buy eggs again. (It’s not for vanity reasons or anything, it’s just that our eggs are so delicious and naturally organic and wonderful, all other eggs pale in comparison.  Literally.)


The Easiest Chocolate Cupcakes
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
26 mins
10 mins
Total Time
46 mins

I was in a pinch. Ever since our chickens started laying eggs, I vowed to never buy eggs again. (It’s not for vanity reasons or anything, it’s just that our eggs are so delicious and naturally organic and wonderful, all other eggs pale in comparison. Literally.)

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate cupcakes, Cupcakes, The Easiest Chocolate Cupcakes
Servings: 24 cupcakes
Author: Amanda Rettke
  • 2 1/4 c all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp. clear vanilla extract
  • 2 c confectioners sugar
  • 1/4 c shortening
  • 1 c hot water
  • 1 c brewed coffee
  • 2 tsp. white vinegar
  • 2/3 c canola oil
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 c unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 c granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoons water or almond milk
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place liners in 2 muffin pans for 24 cupcakes. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, sift the dry ingredients together. Make sure your salt measurement is accurate. Set aside. (Be sure there are no lumps)

  3. In a medium bowl, mix the vanilla extract, oil, vinegar, coffee and water.
  4. Slowly whisk the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, being careful not to over mix. The mixture will be quite wet, but this is okay.

  5. Scoop the batter into the prepared pans (about 2 tablespoons per cupcake liner) and bake about 18 minutes. (The baking time is 24 to 26 minutes in a non-convection oven.)

  6. Cool in the pans for 10 minutes, then invert onto a wire rack to cool.
  1. Cream shortening and vanilla in bowl using a handheld mixer for 2-4 minutes.
  2. Add in powder sugar, one cup at a time. If you find your mixer struggling, slowing add in water.
  3. Use more water for a creamy consistency, use less water for a stiff consistency


The BEST Vegan Chocolate Cupcake!

I found myself without any eggs but needed to make a chocolate cake.  So I started googling and came upon a recipe from Epicurious for “The Easiest Chocolate Cake.

Not only was it easy, it was vegan.

Now, I am the farthest thing in the world from a vegan and would eat eggs in one form or another every single day for the rest of my life if I could. (I mean, technically I can, no one is telling me I can’t.  And quite honestly I already almost do!)

The BEST Vegan Chocolate Cupcake!

Back to the cake.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how moist and fabulous it was.

So I decided to make it into cupcakes.

With a few small adjustments to that recipe, I think I have found one heck of a delicious and easy cupcake.

It really truly does live up to the name, “Easiest Chocolate CakeCupcake”.

The EASIEST ever Chocolate Cupcake! (One bowl!)

In an effort to be consistent and useful, I decided to make the frosting vegan as well.  Little did I know I already had a recipe on my site that could be easily adapted to become vegan!

Did you happen to notice the VINEGAR in the recipe? I admit I was a little taken-aback when I first saw it, but you cannot taste it in the recipe at all. It seems to work wonderfully.

I scaled down the frosting recipe quite a bit, you can easily double or triple it.

The EASIEST Chocolate Cupcake! (that just happens to be vegan!)

These are good.  Moist.  Chocolatey.  Delicious.

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  • Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom says:

    Love that the lack of eggs caused you to make that cake and not go to the store to buy eggs! This is why you are awesome. Totally forwarding this recipe to my friend, who’s daughter is allergic to eggs so she is always looking for egg-less sweet treats!! love!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Oh yay! I hope it works for her! Have a blessed day Alice!

  • Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness says:

    I am also the furthest thing from a vegan (I DO eat eggs every single day. I had TWO yesterday) But I am all kinds of intrigued by this chocolatey vegan goodness! They look crazy moist and delicious! Pinned!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Taylor!

  • Joanne says:

    I’ve always had the BEST experience with vegan cupcakes! They end up being so moist and delicious…and I’m the furthest from a vegan also! But these look great.

    • Amanda says:

      Good to know! I should try more… 🙂

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says:

    Oh my goodness, looooove the looks of this friend! Can’t go wrong with such an easy and delicious looking recipe 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      You are right about that! Have a super duper day Katrina!

  • Tonia from TheGunnySack says:

    Yum! I love easy recipes and when they include chocolate…it perfect!

    • Amanda says:

      Exactly! Have a great day Tonia!

  • Heather @ Shards of Lavender says:

    We used to raise chickens too, which has pretty much made me an egg snob. We buy fresh ones from a friend now:) Some days I would find myself in a pinch too when the little ladies couldn’t keep up with our demand… Love the simplicity of these cupcakes and how it includes a cup of coffee!

    • Amanda says:

      lol “egg snob” I think I would also qualify. 🙂

  • Charlotte Moore says:

    It sure does look delicious. Thank goodness we eat whatever but I have made a few GF recipes.

    • Amanda says:


  • Kerry @ Kerry Cooks says:

    Ooh these look so good Amanda! And so handy to have a vegan recipe that you can’t even tell is any different from a normal cupcake!

    • Amanda says:

      You are right about that! Have a great day Kerry!

  • Monica says:

    I am so with you as far as eggs go. I love them and eat at least one pretty much every day! And I could eat a moist cupcake everyday, as well! : ) I love a moist cake and if it’s chocolate, then I’m all in! It shouldn’t surprise me that you manage to decorate a simple chocolate cupcake in such a lovely way…those ruffles of frosting look like whipped cream. I love the raspberry on top when I expected a cherry! Beautiful. : )

    • Amanda says:

      Ha ha… I guess a cupcake a day would be alright with me. 🙂

  • Meghan @ Spoonful of Flour says:

    These certainly do look like the easiest cupcakes and I love that they just happen to be vegan too!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Meghan!

  • Jen @ Baked by an Introvert says:

    I love how easy and chocolaty these are. Pinning!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you!

  • Kimberly says:

    These look gorgeous! Unfortunately, I cannot drink (or eat) coffee–any ideas for adapting this recipe? Thanks!

    • Amanda says:

      You can substitute hot water.

  • Amanda I got everything for these!! Making these soon!!

  • Janice says:

    A few years ago I had to make a cake for a vegan coworker, and that’s how I stumbled on this recipe. I couldn’t really try it before serving it (isn’t that the worst part about serving a cake?) so when my department dug in at the same time, I was just as surprised as everyone else at how rich and moist the cake was! I almost forgot about this recipe, thank you so much for the reminder. 🙂

  • Ashley | The Recipe Rebel says:

    We are totally planning on getting some chickens for eggs next spring! And I am definitely excited about eating eggs ALL the time. But these look so good and super easy — I’m definitely going to have to pin them to try some day soon!

  • Kelly - Life Made Sweeter says:

    These cupcakes are so pretty! I always find myself running out of eggs so I am excited about this recipe! Love how easy they are to whip up too! Can’t wait to try this next time!

  • Julie | This Gal Cooks says:

    Furthest thing from vegan right here, too! But I’ll eat vegan recipes, especially when it’s delicious cupcakes like these. LOVE these cupcakes and I wish I had one for breakfast right now, Amanda!

  • Zainab says:

    You inspire me to try making vegan cupcakes!! These look so moist and crumbly!

  • It seems like I’m always on a quest for the “easiest cupcakes.” Okaaaay, actually the easiest anything, but you get it. 😉 These little guys totally look winners!

  • laura says:

    i had the same problem the other day when making a second batch of brownies and tried the vinegar route. Was pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

  • Amy @Very Culinary says:

    vegan never looked so good, my friend!

  • Cate @ Chez CateyLou says:

    Oh I am so jealous of your fresh eggs! I bet they taste amazing!! I really can’t believe these delicious moist and fluffy cupcakes are vegan! I can’t wait to try this recipe – they look incredible!

  • Karen @ The Food Charlatan says:

    vinegar and coffee!! Interesting. I trust you with anything cake related Amanda, these must be fabulous!

  • [email protected]+ciaochowbambina says:

    Moist. Chocolatey. Delicious. I’m in!!!! These look amazing Amanda!

  • Shannon @ Bake.Frost.Repeat. says:

    I love the simplicity of these beautiful cupcakes. I’ve never tried to bake (or eat for that matter) anything vegan, but maybe now I should try! 🙂

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