The Explosion That Rocked My World

filed under: Miscellaneous on April 28, 2010

Around 5:00pm last night I figured I had better get dinner in the oven.

I had already been baking and decorating these cookies all day.

Did you know I bake?

I do.

A lot.


a lot.


(No, you are not seeing things.  I have made these before.)

So I turned the oven again and sat down to finish adding eyes to little lions.

I kid you not, what happened next has left me scarred for life.

My oven started on fire.

And then sorta blew up.

Right. Before. My eyes.

Now.  Just to get the important details out of the way… no one was hurt. 

Well.  Except me.

Did I mention I bake a lot?


After my oven caught on fire and exploded, and I sat downstairs rocking like a baby in the fetal position hubby got home, checked the breakers and everything, and called me upstairs to see this.

It was like a fine orange sulfur was covering the entire inside.  And we could see at the very back that the heating element had sorta burned itself up.

I am bummed.

Oh, so bummed.

On the upside, I am totally declaring this a PB&J home for the next few days!  No more bad cooking and endless baking sessions! 

I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Well.  Until I need to bake something that is.  Then I am going to lose it.

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  • LisaC says:

    I am so glad that you are OK!!
    And look at the bright side, you are now free to go out and get the oven you have always wanted.

  • Wency Leung says:

    Dear Amanda,
    I’m a reporter for The Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada, and I was hoping to speak with you about your rainbow pancakes.
    Is there a phone number or email where I could reach you?
    Thanks very much for your reply. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • bridget {bake at 350} says:

    I’m so happy you’re ok….I remember seeing your tweets that evening!!!
    Did you get a fun new oven out of the deal?

  • Irene says:

    Oh! The same thing happened to me!
    It was my friend’s birthday, something I have fun making a big deal out of every year, and I had been cooking for a couple days. (Double chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling, dark chocolate ganache icing; mondo meatload wrapped in bacon; a sauted corn, tomato, garlic dish that is *wonderful*…) It was when I had the appetizers under the broiler that it happened. (Bacon wrapped scallops.) The heating element went off like the world’s biggest sparkler! We just stood there stunned as these massive sparks dashed themselves against the oven window. (Dashed? It was more like *rammed!*) I think we held hands. I think one of us said, “Mommy!” It went on forever it seemed. And when it was over, the heating element was almost melted. (No fine orange powder, though.) I was without the oven for almost a week before someone could come in to fix it for me. And thank goodness the mondo meatloaf was already done. I can still remember those spark [shudder] – they were huge and scary…

  • vibram shoes sale says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so scary! I was actually terrified of my oven when I first moved into my apartment.

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