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    I have the amazing privilege and honor to be able to homeschool my kids.  I have spent hours going over curriculum and studying learning styles and trying to determine the best ways to teach my little ones everything they need to know about english, math and science.

    But as any parent knows, we teach our kids so much more than history and literature. We are fortunate enough to be a part in the growing of their hearts.

    This past Saturday sweet little 4 year old Audrey and I were hanging out in the kitchen.  I was making a grocery list and she was lamenting over not having anything to do.

    On a whim, we decided to bake some cookies.

    Audrey Helping with Cookies! “And what should we do with all these delicious cookies Audrey?”

    “Eat them!”

    “Well, we can’t eat all of them.  Do you think we should give some away?”

    She got very quiet and I knew she wanted to say no.  I could just see her trying to figure out a way for us to be able to keep all the cookies (and trust me, the thought crossed my mind, they were yummy!).

    She finally said, “I guess.” Sensing she needed a little more motivation I said, “How much do you love getting cookies Audrey?”

    “I LOVE IT!  Its my favorite thing in the world!”

    “Well,” I started slowly, “wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else have the same feeling a joy?  Wouldn’t you love to see a friends face when they realize they get to eat our delicious cookies?” She nodded excitedly. So I decided that we would give our cookies to our local fire department.

    Cookies for Random Acts of Kindness

    We packaged them up nicely and the kids wrote cards and we all got in the car and drove to the Fire Station.  In the car we talked about acts of kindness, about how giving to others was truly a gift to ourselves, about how we look at and think about the world. (going for a lesson on optimism)

    We pulled into the Fire Station.  It was closed.  Not a soul in site.

    So we drove miles and miles to the neighboring community and found their Fire Station.  Which was also closed.

    I sat in my car in the deserted parking lot and felt my shoulders slump.  Great lesson I was teaching my kids here.  We did all that work and they didn’t get to experience the joy of giving.  I turned the car around and tried to ignore the feelings of failure.

    As we were turning on to our road the kids noticed the neighbors outside doing some yard work.  “Mom, mom, mom!!  Lets give the cookies to them!”

    Well, yes!  Of course.  Why didnt I think of that right away? I pulled into the neighbors drive and the kids rushed out of the car cookies and card in hand.  “We brought you a gift!” Audrey shouted to a woman she had never met. (We just moved here a couple months ago)

    Our sweet neighbor came over and accepted the cookies from the kids.   We all introduced ourselves and had a wonderful conversation.  Leigh and her husband were so appreciative of the gift and I could tell that we were going to be fast friends.

    When we got home that night the kids told dad all about their experience with giving and how good it felt.  I think they, even more so than me, were able to see the beauty in a random act of kindness.  It has definitely inspired then to want to do more… to give more… to get out and build up relationships with the people around us.  They are excitedly talking about writing cards to friends and baking more treats to bring to Leigh’s and our other neighbors. In the end what I had perceived in a failed lesson was actually a fun and rewarding learning experience for us all!

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    Always an inspiration!

    This is such a fabulous idea! You are seriously the best mom ever!

    Love this, Amanda! 🙂

    So so awesome!

    Absolutely lovely! I didn’t realize you homeschool your kids TOO! We’re looking into it (my daughter is just 2 right now, but I know time will fly). Can you recommend any good info since you’ve spent so much time researching? I know it totally need to be focused on your kids learning style & your personal lifestyle, etc., but I’m just starting to gather info!

    You are such a great example, not only as a Mom but as a giving person too. xo

      Oh sweety… you are too kind! Thank you so much. Hope your day is beautiful!

    Best little story of a teaching moment I have read in a long time. What you just shared gives me hope again. I wish every neighborhood had more people like your family. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Don't Pass on Dessert!