This list seems to be never ending.  Maybe I will get the hint, that I apparently am giving myself, and stop doing the opposite of what successful bloggers do.

Most likely not.


Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do Not Do

3. Go to Blogher.

I am going to lay into my mailman because I have been anxiously waiting for my invite and it is suspiciously missing.  If I see a short guy in blue mid thigh shorts in any of PW's blogher re-caps I am gonna be ticked off.

I gotta be really honest here, I don't 'get' blogher.  Seriously.  I went on there and got signed up about 2 years ago and was so lost and confused.  I tried to find other blogs 'like me'.  Mommy.  Christian.  Stay at home christian mommy.  Bites her nails when nervous.  Eats snickers bars in stages.  Can't pet a dog without washing hands immediately afterward.  Likes the smell of gasoline. 

You know, just an average gal.

So I tried out the 'religious' category and was attacked by a witch (her self description) and a atheist.  Apparently 'religion' has many, many different definitions.

In the 'mommy' category someone was arguing that if one more person asked her when her and her husband of 9 years were going to have kids she was going to punch them in the neck.

I just can't seem to relate.

So anyway, all you blogging diva's of the world, look for me next year.  I am sure my invitation won't get lost this time!


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Reader Comments

  1. Hi there 🙂
    I know what you mean about the Blogher forum/community – and now that I don’t run their ads anymore I am “over there” less and less.
    However, having read the schedule for the conference, there are lots of topics that interest me, and I would love to meet some of my bloggy friends/heroes face-to-face.
    Next year it is in New York – and IF we can sort out our planned holiday for next year to be in US then, then to my amazement dh said last night that I should try to attend for one day if I can manage it. Sooooo tempted!
    Maybe we should start a new group for sahm christian blogging mums just like us? Maybe it would be a community of TWO!

  2. Can I join and make it three? Amanda, this was so true. I went over there and got amazingly lost. I saw a thread on the MCK blog about blogher and no one there got it either. I’m so glad it’s not just me. For a while I thought it was because I had been homeschooled. 🙂

  3. Happy Sunday! I am making way through all of the comments I received when I was featured on SITS. It really is a great SITSahood.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and have a blessed day!
    Loved the JK wedding dance post below. 🙂

  4. A ha. No wonder I am not successful. I was not in attendance at BlogHer either…I is all coming together! I AM A LOSER!!

  5. Goodness – now I have violated rule no. 2 – spell things correctly. Was that rule No. 2? Anyway- I meant to say “It” is all coming together. I’m sure you were wondering 😉

  6. Thank you for making me feel less of an outcast here in blog land. I too found the blogher website to be difficult to understand and while yes some of the topics at the seminars look great I keep thinking if I can’t navigate around the website, how would I ever fit in at the seminars

  7. OK I admit it, I was lurking on your blog. But I have to comment on this because I agree totally! I don’t get it either. I had the asme blogher experience you did. And now, thanks to you I don’t feel so alone anymore, haha!
    I am enjoying your blog very much, came here from a comment of yours on MckMama’s forum (that I didn’t understand either but still thought it was funny). I’m a little slow, I guess 🙂

  8. Posting a little late here, but I totally agree with you and your commenters on this one. I created an account with them a few months ago and signed up to be on their ‘waiting list’ for advertising. But mostly, it’s just confusing.

  9. I am posting a little late, too. I just discovered your blog (from MckMama) and have been back reading a bit to get to know you. I agree. I don’t get it either. But then, I also don’t mommy blog as well. Currently, our blog is really about posting pictures and funny stories of our kids so family all over the country can see. But I am enjoying all of your baking blog entries, and am drooling over the macro lens, even though I’m not a photographer.

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