This list seems to be never ending.  Maybe I will get the hint, that I apparently am giving myself, and stop doing the opposite of what successful bloggers do.

Most likely not.


Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do Not Do

3. Go to Blogher.

I am going to lay into my mailman because I have been anxiously waiting for my invite and it is suspiciously missing.  If I see a short guy in blue mid thigh shorts in any of PW's blogher re-caps I am gonna be ticked off.

I gotta be really honest here, I don't 'get' blogher.  Seriously.  I went on there and got signed up about 2 years ago and was so lost and confused.  I tried to find other blogs 'like me'.  Mommy.  Christian.  Stay at home christian mommy.  Bites her nails when nervous.  Eats snickers bars in stages.  Can't pet a dog without washing hands immediately afterward.  Likes the smell of gasoline. 

You know, just an average gal.

So I tried out the 'religious' category and was attacked by a witch (her self description) and a atheist.  Apparently 'religion' has many, many different definitions.

In the 'mommy' category someone was arguing that if one more person asked her when her and her husband of 9 years were going to have kids she was going to punch them in the neck.

I just can't seem to relate.

So anyway, all you blogging diva's of the world, look for me next year.  I am sure my invitation won't get lost this time!


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  1. Well thank you for taking time to comment!  It such a pleasure to find out someone new has stopped by and is enjoying what they are seeing… thank you for being so darn sweet!
    I'm off to visit you!

  2. Ok! See, I had the same experience at BlogHer. I don’t get it. I am glad I am not the only one.
    I thought I was just a poor, confused soul.

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