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OK.  So heres the deal.

About four months ago I wrote this post that featured some rainbow pancakes I have made.

A huge blogger featured my pancakes on his site, and they took off like wild fire.  A newspaper shared them. Someone tweets them… they essentially went viral.

Wanna see the pancakes in question?


In all that traffic you can imagine that some folks wanted to leave an opinion or two behind.

The Good:

what an awesome idea for the pancakes! I am going to have to try that.

My kids
are really excited about the idea of rainbow pancakes.  Even my non-pancake eater is begging me to try this.

Those rainbow pancakes make me smile. *grin*

The Bad:

Something terrible 🙂 it’s hard to imagine, how someone could eat these
things full of chemicals to achieve the colour. People, wake up and
don’t harm your health!

Love colorful stuff, but the photoshop just makes it bearable. ‘Cause the thought of eating that much food coloring = um, yuck.

I’m all for fun food, but for me, this is pushing it too much. Although
I’m sure that food dye isn’t good for you, I’m sure its no worse that
whats in regular processed food. I am more concerned with the fact that
it doesn’t *look* like real food. It looks like candy.

I think its important that our kids’ meals look a little more natural –
meals are made from the stuff that comes from nature, and not from
melted plastic which is what this looks like to me. Its so important
that kids appreciate simple, real food and I guess this just goes in
the opposite direction of that.

I am screaming in fear.

The Ugly:

this is so gross – to feed 6 pancakes to your kid ? should be illegal
to put so much food coloring into anyone’s food, more so one’s own kids.

Trick the little tykes into consuming as much of this worthless nonfood
as possible. Bunches of sugar and other empty carbs, cholesterol, etc.
Gotta get a jump start on that diabetes, hypertension, heart disease,
and stroke.  Gee – you oughta be nominated as be Mother of the Year.

You should be shot.

I just called CPS on you, I hope they take your kids away.

You should not be allowed to procreate. I hope your kids are taken away and put into a loving home where they actually have a shot at a good life.


I gotta tell ya, I just dont have the thick skin it takes to handle this sort of mean.

For someone to pass judgment on me for making my kids rainbow pancakes just seems so silly. At first, I was trying to laugh it off, but they just kept coming.  At one point I wanted to scream and yell and defend myself… saying “I AM a good mommy!!  I swear!

But should I?  Should I take it personally?  Is it personal?

So I gotta ask… does it just come with the territory?  Is it a safe assumption to make that the more people who read your blog the more likely you are going to be persecuted… for any and everything? If you are a blogger, are you fair game?


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  • Micki says:

    People are morons. You on the other hand are AWESOME!

  • Linda says:

    I just found your blog and I think it’s great.
    YES, we eat (mainly) healthy, natural food around here.
    But when I saw those pancakes, I said: I must make these!! I can already picture how happy my grandchildren would be. It’s not like you (or I) add food coloring to their food on a daily basis!!
    Their smiles and the fun wins… And, in my opinion, THAT’s how it SHOULD be. Keep creating. THANKS

  • Erin says:

    For heavens sake some people need to lighten up and lay off. My mum always told me if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. You can tell by looking at the photo that those pancakes aren’t huge and what’s the harm in letting your kids eat pancakes once in a while? And if food dye was seriously dangerous we wouldn’t be allowed to buy it off the shelves at the supermarket. Don’t let the haters get you down, you’re an awesome mum to do this for your kids, and I’m going to do the same for me and my little girl and I know we’re both going to love it.

  • April says:

    Hello… Ok so let me get this out first….I’m not a blogger at all and I don’t know all the details about food coloring, I just so happened to come along your colorful pancake post and love it!!! I thought to my self “wow what a great idea, my daughter would love this!” (I’m not very creative FYI) so she would be amazed!!… Anyways, I never read the comments on anything but for some reason something caught my eye?? I was shocked of all the horrible comments you got!! And I just want to say that not every kid reacts the same towards anything. I’ve never been strict on what exactly my daughter (8yr now) eats. Just been the normal eating habits… If she wanted candy or ice cream then ok (as long as shes good) don’t get me wrong, I don’t let her eat horrible stuff all day, I do have some grounds, and we eat pretty healthy, but we love to splurge every once in awhile, and when we do she never get hyper or sick, she’s the same girl. She has no alergies, and is very healthy!! So even if the color pancakes aren’t the greatest things for you, I’m sure the kids will be ok. Can’t be any harmful then fast food and we all grew up on that! So anyways don’t let those bloggers get to you! I think it’s a wonderful idea! I always enjoy a fun breakfast with my daughter, I work mornings so I don’t usually get to have bfast with her so your post totally inspired me to surprise her with a colorful breakfast!! I can’t wait!! Thank you!!! :)!

  • kathryn p says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Gee Whiz!! Somehow I missed all of that! I agree with all of your sweet supporters above. I guess some people have to find SOMETHING wrong with all of your loveliness. Keep up all you do. I am proud to “know” you.

    Kathryn (fellow mom of redheads-we’ve “talked” before) Sending you love and best wishes.

  • jane says:

    girl….this is all about you and your creativity and the love for your kids. I definitley will try it for my boys and i am sure they will love this colorful pancake. Love it !

  • Debbie says:

    Well I sure hope that after reading all those lovely comments(which you very much deserve btw) you have been able to feel somewhat better than when you read all those terrible nasty comments some ungrateful(to be polite) ppl leave. You are an amazing person and I don’t even know you…you take the time to do this for US!!! I for one love to see sites like yours and think nothing should stop you from doing such helpful, wonderful, artistic, imaginative, lovely, caring, loving stuff like you do…do I need say anymore!!! God bless you Amanda and all the best in 2014…keep those pictures and ideas coming, too many of us love’em!!! 🙂

  • Christina says:

    I love your sight and have made the rose cake several times. These rainbow pancakes are so cool. However, my kids can’t have food coloring, period. (They also can’t have gluten, or processed sugar!) I have struggled with how to make fun food, like your pancakes, while keeping them healthy and free from triggers for their various issues.

    I think I’ve found the answer! India tree’s natural food coloring! I used it to make your neapolitan rose cake and everyone was so impressed! The pink came out gorgeous. I even make a blue, white and chocolate version (of course gluten and sugar free). With a little creativity, everyone can be healthy and happy and still have fun!

    Anyway, I think you should be able to have your cake and eat it too!!! Thanks for sharing all your incredible ideas!

  • Amanda says:

    Are you seriously kidding me?? Good grief people need to get a life!! I can’t believe they’re freaking out over such a small thing!! Everything is good in moderation!! So let your kids eat colored pancakes every once in a while, let them eat ice cream on occasion, take them out to eat sometimes. Good grief. If you tell them they can’t have ANYTHING and if they have my kind of personality, they’re going to overcompensate for it later in life and make things even worse. Good grief. Ignore them. You are a great mom!!

    • Kathy says:


  • Cynthia says:

    I can’t believe I JUST came across your website. I just started a food blog myself… and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your blogging tips, and most importantly… your honesty! Keep it up, and who cares about all the negative people out there. Haters will be haters lol.

  • B price says:

    I have made rainbow pancakes for my daughter, specifically on St Patrick’s day, and red and green for Christmas, it makes her and her friends happy. No one made pancakes quite like my mother, and I imagine my daughter will feel just the same 🙂

  • MJ Benfield says:

    I am worried, here in the UK pancakes are devoured on Shrove Tuesday (the second Tuesday in February on the continent Fruaen Dienstag) children eat loads of pancakes but to look at this heap of flour, eggs, milk and more sugar than a European child would eat in a week and realise that this is a “normal” breakfast is astounding! Then we have to consider that the pancakes have been coloured to make this sweet mess more appetising to children, this must surely add up to child cruelty in the fattest nation on earth. However my grandson will be delighted to get these tomorrow. Shrove Tuesday once a year.

  • Sarah says:

    Unfortunately anyone who shares anything online is subject to the superior opinions of others. Far too many people think it is their right, their duty, to let those opinions fly. We type it all out as soon as a reaction pops into our minds. We don’t just want to share our opinions. No, we want to show how we are right and the offending party is wrong. Many folks attempt to do this in the nastiest manner possible. Why? I don’t know. It’s sad. It’s disheartening. It’s a terrible example for our children.

    I love that you share what you love with us online. I love that baking makes you happy. I appreciate that you subject yourself to the naysayers who WILL try to tear you down in order to spread joy with others who also have an affection for baking. I also love your rainbow pancakes. I’m just sad that so many individuals aren’t mature enough to move on if they see or read something that doesn’t appeal to them rather than spewing ugliness. Sigh…thank you for doing what you do. 🙂

  • Anja says:

    If you do not like it… do not eat it
    How hard is that ?
    Personally I think they look great and inspire me to do more coloring in everyday food

  • Jennifer Norton says:

    These comments are horrible and I would have taken them personally as well. To assume Someone is a horrible mother based solely on pancakes is terrible. First off I highly doubt any child is actually going to eat all of them and even if they do I can think of a lot of other foods that a child could be given that are worse for them. I love your site, the first video I ever saw you were making a brownie with strawberries and your youngest was running around. After you were done you let her eat a brownie and she was finished within about 3 bites and I thought she was so cute and I wanted to finish the rest of the brownie for her. People are going to be mean because they can, best advise is to just let it roll off.

  • Jenna says:

    The anonymity of the Internet makes all of the trolls come out. Some people are so unhappy with themselves and their lives that knocking someone else down makes them feel better. I know that it’s hard, but ignore the haters. They’re losers.

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