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OK.  So heres the deal.

About four months ago I wrote this post that featured some rainbow pancakes I have made.

A huge blogger featured my pancakes on his site, and they took off like wild fire.  A newspaper shared them. Someone tweets them… they essentially went viral.


Wanna see the pancakes in question?


In all that traffic you can imagine that some folks wanted to leave an opinion or two behind.

The Good:

what an awesome idea for the pancakes! I am going to have to try that.

My kids
are really excited about the idea of rainbow pancakes.  Even my non-pancake eater is begging me to try this.

Those rainbow pancakes make me smile. *grin*

The Bad:

Something terrible 🙂 it’s hard to imagine, how someone could eat these
things full of chemicals to achieve the colour. People, wake up and
don’t harm your health!

Love colorful stuff, but the photoshop just makes it bearable. ‘Cause the thought of eating that much food coloring = um, yuck.

I’m all for fun food, but for me, this is pushing it too much. Although
I’m sure that food dye isn’t good for you, I’m sure its no worse that
whats in regular processed food. I am more concerned with the fact that
it doesn’t *look* like real food. It looks like candy.

I think its important that our kids’ meals look a little more natural –
meals are made from the stuff that comes from nature, and not from
melted plastic which is what this looks like to me. Its so important
that kids appreciate simple, real food and I guess this just goes in
the opposite direction of that.

I am screaming in fear.

The Ugly:

this is so gross – to feed 6 pancakes to your kid ? should be illegal
to put so much food coloring into anyone’s food, more so one’s own kids.

Trick the little tykes into consuming as much of this worthless nonfood
as possible. Bunches of sugar and other empty carbs, cholesterol, etc.
Gotta get a jump start on that diabetes, hypertension, heart disease,
and stroke.  Gee – you oughta be nominated as be Mother of the Year.

You should be shot.

I just called CPS on you, I hope they take your kids away.

You should not be allowed to procreate. I hope your kids are taken away and put into a loving home where they actually have a shot at a good life.


I gotta tell ya, I just dont have the thick skin it takes to handle this sort of mean.

For someone to pass judgment on me for making my kids rainbow pancakes just seems so silly. At first, I was trying to laugh it off, but they just kept coming.  At one point I wanted to scream and yell and defend myself… saying “I AM a good mommy!!  I swear!

But should I?  Should I take it personally?  Is it personal?

So I gotta ask… does it just come with the territory?  Is it a safe assumption to make that the more people who read your blog the more likely you are going to be persecuted… for any and everything? If you are a blogger, are you fair game?


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  • Jesica says:

    Omg…I’m so sorry.this is the second time today I’ve read about someone being so nasty on someone’s blog. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your time and effort. It shines through what a good moma you are for making your babies smile. Thanks again!!!

  • Megan Reed says:

    Don’t take it personal. I also to got some really ridiculous comments on my blog once. I don’t keep up with my blog anymore. One time I shared about “getting a steal” in buying a whole bunch of creative memories stuff off of craigslist. And went on to share that some items I needed and others that I didn’t need I would sell on ebay and make the money I spent back. Someone commented to tell me that she thought it was horrible for me to take advantage of someone since I said I got a “steal” and I was going to make the money I spent back on ebay. To me that was just savvy what I did. The lady I bought it front just was happy to have it gone and not have to deal with selling the pieces individually. To me it was a win, win situation. So don’t worry what people say, they are probably just jealous that you are so talented.

  • Anah says:

    you have a true talent… most of your stuff i will never make because of the difficulty level, but i can appreciate the art and beauty you put into your sweets! i don’t know why people don’t follow the age old rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” i think you do fantastic work … keep it up and keep me inspired!

  • Susan @Cooking in the Florida Heat says:

    Blogging isn’t an invitation for the ignorant to take their mood swing out on you, for their cause. You’re an artist, pure and simple. We all are in some form for we create.

    If I see something I wouldn’t eat I click onto the next page or, figure out a way to make it something I would eat. It all boils down to the best 4 letter word…..

    N E X T ???????????

  • Jesseca says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ll do anything I can to get my kid to eat. If that means making him colorful pancakes once a week, then so be it! I am in shock at the mean comments people are leaving you!

    Blogging takes up a lot of time, and it’s sad to see so many people being unappreciative of the hard work you put in to this amazing site! I look forward to your new posts, and LOVE your recipes. I’m sorry others feel they need to sneak in and say hurtful things. You need to take it with a grain of salt. I am positive that you have more readers that love your site, then haters.

  • Christina Williams @ The Blog Entourage says:

    Oh how aweful! I know any blogger who gets a good amount of comments is bound to get some negative comments in the mix. Well, I’m super sensitive, so I always have a hard time w/rude comments. I don’t like using food coloring, and I try to feed my kids healthy, but who doesn’t love a good pancake day? We have pancakes every Saturday morning. I don’t care if my girls drown them in syrup. It would be nice if readers could think for a second and realize that this obviously isn’t something you feed your children everyday.

    People who are rude enough to leave a comment like that…they like to trump how bloggers subject themselves to honest opinions and shouldn’t whine about negative feedback, but what theh hell happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” ??? I think people who take the time to leave their negative opinions are internet bullies and should be ignored as much as possible!

  • Sheila says:

    I don’t understand the negative comments about the pancakes. Most of them deal with what is obvious in the picture {food coloring}. So if they were drawn in from a link with a picture, I would think they liked them at some point, too.

    I’m a small time blogger and don’t think I could handle the negative comments, but I have a friend who has lots of traffic and gets some nasty comments {about what she feeds her kids, too}. Thankfully, I have only received one negative comment about a strawberry shortcake; someone said it wasn’t a real shortcake. But as another commentor posted, you’ve made it so you’re bound to get all kinds of comments.

    I love your blog and posts.

  • colleen says:

    You are Wonderful and should never ever feel bad or take those comments from such mean spirited people to heart. If they are so perfect ,and eat perfect etc they should have their own perfect blog and not worry about what you do…but they don’t and choose to try to take you down a a bunch of pegs to make themselves feel better. You keep doing what you do and there will Always be 100X’s more positive feedback than negative. (although it’s the negative that usually sticks with us) Just know you are loved ,and their are so many people who are rooting for your success.

  • Maria Tzortzatos says:

    Don’t take it personally. These people don’t even know you. Is this a ‘healthy’ meal? Maybe it isn’t. But we don’t feed our kids this stuff all the time! It’s a SOMETIMES food. As long as we give our kids plenty of good for you food everyday there is nothing wrong with a treat once in a while . Jeez people, relax, we aren’t passing them a cigarette!

  • Erin says:

    I hope you don’t take it too personally. Remember to take comments like that with a grain of salt – those people are making judgements about you based on one picture and one post. My guess is you make these as a treat for your kids once in a while and they’re super excited to have them. You probably don’t feed your kids things laced full of food colouring on a regular basis!! Being a great parent involves making sure your kids get healthy food on a regular basis, but it also involves making them happy and letting them have treats once in a while. If some people can’t understand that a picture for your blog does not represent the portion sizes or everyday diet of your children I would say you should feel sorry for them and realize that their opinions are meaningless if they are that unintelligent. Moderate those comments and just delete them – don’t bother publishing garbage like that. Keep up the blogging – you’re amazingly talented and creative!! Don’t let people like that impact your happiness. They’re not worth it.

  • Jim B says:

    maybe you could sprinkle some m&ms on them………….haha, your kids are lucky…the couple of times your kids will have these will not harm them, life is better enjoyed

  • Christie says:

    All I gotta say is that my daughter saw these and wants them for her birthday….with chocolate chips in them! Oh the horror!! Keep up the good ideas!

  • Kara says:

    I have a blog, not a huge one or one that gets tons of traffic from people besides my family and friends… but people have made comments on things like this to me in person when I have talked about such things or now that I pinned this on Pinterest I am sure I will get some backlash for wanting to serve this.

    But you know what there are ALWAYS going to be people who don’t agree with what you do, what you feed yourself or your kids. With what choices you make for you or your family. Screw them I say. I just want to take a bunch of dye and put it in all my food and eat it and take pictures of it for all to see! hahahaha… but that is just me 🙂 It’s hard to let things like words not hurt you, especially on certain days. But still. Screw them. Ignore them or comment back with the comment, To each their own. That is what I do, I want to live my life and do special things for my kids so they know how much I love them. If that is dying their food once in a while and letting them eat as many pancakes as they want then that is what I am going to do. Who is to say in 2 years they won’t say dye actually prevents cancer?

    Love your pancakes and so far love your blog! Glad I found it pinned on Pinterest!

  • Missy says:

    I have to say I love this idea it is so cute!!!! I do understand the concern about food coloring but every once in a while why not. I guess I will be a bad mommy too cause I will be making these very happy pancakes for my kids too. : ) People can disagree with you but we are all moms working out motherhood and we should not be mean to each other but supportive and encourage each other. You can disagree in a spirit of encouragement and offer alternatives instead of being mean. Thanks for your post and for those of you that don’t like food coloring you can Google alternatives.

  • Joanne McPhee says:

    I’m from Australia and just saw your rainbow pancakes. I must say, I think they are a brilliant idea especially so if you source natural food colouring .If not available you could try berries for red and purple, saffron or tumeric with lemon zest for yellow, kiwi fruit and spinach puree for green, pumpkin and orange for orange, etc. Don’t worry about the criticism, not much more I can add to the above quotes. We can always make healthier versions of food for our kids but hey it’s not an everyday food is it…it’s a fun food that will leave them with lasting happy memories. Thankyou fo your wonderful blog and letting others such as myself into your life. Jo from Oz

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you so much Joanne!

  • Heather says:

    OK dude first things first – Nobody, NObody, NOBODY has a right to tell you how to raise your children. (unless you’re like, beating them, which you’re not.) you know what? kids love pancakes. Sometimes you give kids a special treat. Furthermore, yeah, while grains and sugar and processed carbohydrates are bad for humans in general, kids can take it because THEY’RE GROWING and need calories in order to feed their growing bodies. Your kids look like healthy, happy children and don’t you dare let ANYONE tell you what to do, because everything you do for your kids is out of love. And nobody can tell you how to love.

    Second things second… those pancakes make me want to eat them forever and ever amen. I’m paleo and not allowed to have flour, but I am TOTALLY gonna make coconut flour/almond flour versions of these and slather them in raw honey. Thank you for the great idea!!

    Plus if people are really THAT upset by the food colouring, guess what!! You can get vegetable-based food colouring! Easily! Or even just find ways to do it yourself! I mean, come on. They’re probably eating tons of it anyway without even knowing. Don’t listen to hypocrites.

    Your blog is awesome.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! I think YOU are awesome! 🙂

  • Jamie says:

    Amanda, I understand how that could have thrown you off… It would have me too. People really need to get a grip.. food coloring is NOT illegal and it’s not poison either.. if it were that bad we would all be dead because whether people want to believe it or not there is some kind of preservative or coloring in MANY foods people eat every day. If they don’t want to eat it, it’s there choice but attacking you because you wanted to make your kids colored pancakes one day is unacceptable!!! I mean, geeezzzz….

    I see you have many supporters that actually understand your post and I am one too. I LOVE your idea about the colored pancakes, in fact I hope you don’t mind if I feature it on a hub I’m currently working on for colorful foods for St.Patrick’s Day. I will hold off until I hear from you first, as I realize you may be afraid of another group of people coming to bash you. Maybe I could just feature your photo? Let me know what you think. Since this happened with your pancakes I will have to start the hub out with a statement about food coloring as I’m sure I will get many crazy comments too.

  • Skye says:

    Just had a rainbow party for my daughter & made a rainbow cake – brightly colored rainbow cake – and rainbow cupcakes. I don’t have to tell you, I’m sure, but it took less of the gel colors to color the cake batter than it does normally to color icing. Too bad none of those commenters realized that. And rainbow pancakes = brilliant! I wish I had thought of that.
    As for the meanness of people online, I have noticed that people write all kinds of rude things that it would never occur to them to say when face to face. Take heart – I think your ideas are great & I am sure your kids feel the same 🙂

  • Lyndsay B says:

    Wow! I know this is 2 years later, but I just found this and am EXCITED to make these for me, my husband and our 5 kids. My kids love that we do fun stuff like this, my friends think it’s great that our family does fun stuff like this, people just need to chill out if they are freaking out over this! Yes, I did think, oh boy, we don’t need to eat 6 pancakes each, so instead we’ll each get a different colored pancake! I don’t seem to recall anywhere in reading your directions that you must force your child to eat 6 pancakes. Also, just because you post a recipe to the internet doesn’t mean people are forced to make it. Wow, people, get a grip.

    Okay, stepping off my soapbox, but just wanted to let you know I think these (and your whole site) are amazing!!

  • Stephanie V says:

    Dont even let those bother you, I am a mother of 5 boys and I am going to do these for St patty’s day, I think they are fun and my boys will love them…… and to all you negative Nelly’s out there do you really think that because you put 6 pancakes in front of your kids they will eat them all, you must not have kids! The idea is cute! If you don’t like it they don’t make them for your kids!!!

  • Jennifer R. says:

    I’m so sorry that happened. I think people just think they can say whatever they want with no regard for people’s feelings because they are protected by the keyboard. That’s terrible. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion and has free speech, but there’s a correct way to say things. Maybe THOSE people need to work on teaching THEIR kids some manners- after all kids, learn by example, right? Thanks for posting the recipe- I think it will be perfect to surprise my kids with for breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day! Keep blogging and don’t let anyone stop you! ((hugs))

  • Lisa says:

    My son was upset to hear that people had written mean things about your beautiful pancakes. We think they are wonderfully creative and that you are working hard to make your kids life have fun and memorable moments. I believe it goes without saying that you are not feeding your kids food like this everyday, that rainbow pancakes were an amazing special event. Good job, Mommy!

  • Kathy says:

    I don’t see a problem with serving many different colored pancakes to your kids–just make them mini pancakes.

  • Daphne says:

    Who cares what other people say? Shrug it off as their total loss.. anyone who’s that uptight that they wouldn’t enjoy some rainbow pancakes.. ain’t really livin’! I can NOT wait to make these, in the morning… for St. Patty’s day… and I will probably top them off with mounds of whipped cream to make it look like a rainbow in the sky. 🙂 (and by the way, my kids & my family lead a healthy life style… but sometimes, ya just gotta indulge a little, and have some fun) Thank you, most kindly… for the wonderful idea. 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    You are a great mom and trying to make something special for your kids. I think it comes with the territory when you blog and are on the internet. With the having the internet people seem to have lost the connection between real people and machines. People think since you don’t know who they are and/or what they look like they can say anything to anyone and should have no feelings what so ever attached to what they say. I’m sure they don’t think about what they are REALLY saying. You keep up the good work and those great ideas and don’t worry about the little stuff. Let them try it and see what comments they would get about their blogs…its a lot easier to criticize then it is to do the hard work. I will be praying for you ;0)

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