I recently read an article in Heart of the Matter called Do Hard Things. (I recommend you read it before reading me, otherwise things might not make much sense)

Praise Jesus

I still can't decide if I agree with the decision to share or not to share, but obviously it got me thinking. 

I am pretty sure I lack the subtlety that the author implies is essential to our Christian experience.  Even though I may not shout about Jesus from the roof tops, you can bet I am thinking about finding a way of doing it.  Even though we are having a conversation about parenting or gardening or photography or movies and I am not saying His name, you can believe I am thinking it, as I know He is the reason for everything.

I am sure the "live it, don't preach it" method works… its proven efficient again and again… I am just so impatient in my own life that I rarely implement it.

At the expense of whom?

Well, everyone.

A relative recently told me, "You are acting like my judge and jury.  I think you need to sit down and re-evaluate your own life."

Although the words were said in a harsh and critical context, they are True for me EVERY DAY.

I do need to sit in constant examination of self.  'Self' is often the one that gets me into the situations that I immediately want out of.  And when I get to a point that pride gets in the way of my self-evaltuation, then the enemy has already won.

 My 'self' is the one telling me, "Thats not fair."  "They aren't treating me right." "What about my feelings?"  "Don't I deserve some recognition and praise for what I have done?"

Each of those statements is useless.  Each of those thoughts is leading me down a road away from Him.

There is a better way.  I can take the wise advice and live what I believe.  Instead of trying so hard to 'make' others believe what I know to be true, I can (DAILY, thats the important part for me here) accept that their lives are His.  He knows when and how and with who and by what words.

So, in reflection, I believe that young man to be wise.  I believe his choice to not share the actual name of God was one that affected his and others lives in a positive and Divine way

 He simply lives it. 

And drew others to him in a way that left them acknowledging that their 'conversion' was their choice.

I have a daily goal.  To see the positive in every situation, and to live Christ in all that I am.  To beg for forgiveness every evening,seeking redemtion, and then offering restoration.

I am on Day 2.  Its actually going pretty well!  The choice to not complain and to SEEK the positive side of every situation is actually pretty gratifying. 

If I can pray for you in any way, please let me know!

God bless-


If you have a moment, please say a little prayer for me.  I am dealing with a little family drama that is causing me pain beyond words.  Thank you.

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  1. The comment I’m reminded of daily is “if life WAS fair, we’d all be crucified for our own sin.” I’m so glad life is NOT FAIR! It is so easy to be come critical of others. I stuggle daily with this as well. I frequently have to keep the “YOU SHOULD….” from coming out of my mouth! The tongue is SOO hard to tame. I’ve started asking what God is teaching ME though those tough situations instead of telling them what He is teaching them! Such a differnce in perspective has helped the “you should’s” get under control. I will continue to pray that God leads you in the paths of righteousness and blesses all of your efforts to be more like Him!

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