Its zucchini season around here, which means I need to come up with 27 news ways to incorporate zucchini into our meal every night.

I have scoured the internet and come across quite a few great recipes!  Zucchini pasta and cakes (like crab-cakes) and chocolate zucchini cakes and zucchini fries.  The list goes on and on!

But as my hubby was slicing some the other night, I got to thinking.  What about deep fried zucchini slices!  I had not seen that yet… but I have a feeling it would taste good! 

(Apparently this technique has been around FOREVER.  It is not my original idea by any means.  It was just sorta new to me.)

I mean really, you could deep fry a shoe and it would still taste good to me.

Just sayin.

So anyway, I cut up two medium zucchini into 1/4 inch slices.


Ok, so maybe that is a tad bigger then 1/4 inch.  I have never been good with details.

Then I whipped up a batter to dunk the zucchini in.

1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp salt (I used Kosher)

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 egg

1 1/2 cups water

Mix together water and egg.  Combine dry ingredients, add wet to dry, and mix until incorporated.  It should be really thick! 

Then just pick up a slice of zucchini and fully coat it in the batter.

No need to give it an egg wash or dry them off or anything.  The batter will stay on!


Look at that.  Did I mention this dish is really good for you?  No?  Probably cause its not. 

(I used Canola Oil for frying.)


After they get nice a browned, just put them on paper towel so you dab up the excess oil.

Now here is an important part!  You can let these sit for a GOOD fifteen minutes before eating.  They will stay hot and they will stay yummy!


We covered (and I do mean covered) these in our house blend

1 cup sea salt (or Kosher)

1/4 cup garlic salt

1/4 cup coarse black pepper

Eventually I just added a heaping tablespoon of that blend right to the batter, and we decided we liked that too!


But I wasnt satisfied with just the salt.  I wanted more.

I wanted sweet!

So I just covered these in powder sugar.  I thought it was delicious, but hubby preferred the salted ones. 

The nice thing about this recipe is, you can make both at the same time! 



And you really cant go wrong with chocolate.

This is definitely our new favorite way to eat zucchini.  

(Sorry that I keep ending my posts with questions) What is your favorite way to eat zucchini?  If you have blogged about it, be sure to post a link!  I would love to stop by!


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Reader Comments

  1. I don’t think it’s a southern thing, since I live in Canada and it’s a common appetizer in restaurants here too! My friend and I used to often get it at White Spot – yummy! For your house blend seasoning, do you use a coarse ground pepper?

  2. I had the best zuchini cake tonight. I don’t have a recipe yet, but you just replace bananas with zuchini. One zuchini replaces 2 or 3 bananas….YUM!!! My post today is about all of our garden produce! It is great this year. We haven’t had to water at all!

  3. Oh YUM! That is that is the most beautiful fried zucchini I’ve ever seen! I love your presentation! 🙂
    I always have to eat it alone…Cody gags! My batter is similar but has a little cornmeal for extra texture.
    Thanks for the sweet idea! Sweet Genius!

  4. wow! i’ll have to try that. i grilled sesame parmesan zuccini tonight from a recipe i found at yummmm.

  5. omg that sweet version looks delicous, I want to eat the picture!!! My favourite way? just boiled with lots of lemon juice, salt, and a few drops of oil. I love zuccini’s flavor, so cakes and complex preparations aren’t my thing… I love zuccini bread, don’t get me wrong, with cream cheese… yum… I got hungry =(

  6. My favorite fairly unusual thing to do with zucchini is mock apple crisp! When my mom first made it I was so surprised, and pleasantly at that!

  7. Well I don’t like zucchini that much but my brother like it most.I can make this recipe for him.I must say that you are very creative with food that you made this recipe with different tastes.

  8. I wish my kids would eat this. I love it but they don’t. Although if I drizzled chocolate on it.. they just might.
    I do love zuchinni bread and so do they for that matter. Otherwise, I grate it and it to a lot of their food like muffins and spaghetti sauce and they are none the wiser. 🙂

  9. Fried zucchini is amazing with ranch dip or a ranch dressing. Try adding parmigiana cheese to the batter or after you fry them. Yummy!

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