Today has been pretty stressful.  Around 11:00 this morning, Colton got into some medication that was in a child proof container, and got it open.  He brought it outside to his little brother who then dumped it out all over the deck.  I happened on the scene right about at this moment, and screamed and ran over to Parker and stuck my finger in his mouth to get any out that he might have tried to eat then over to the pills and tried to get them all picked up ASAP. 


I had thought that maybe he didn’t eat any.  I had thought that maybe I had got there just in time.  BUT!  Just in case I grabbed him and prayed over him immediately, begging God to protect my little baby and not punish him for my irresponsibility.  I just cried out to the Lord and asked for healing.  And my heart was calmed.


Around 12:30 I tried to put Parker down for his nap, and something just wasn’t right.  He tried to close his eyes, but it almost seemed as if it were easier keeping them open then closing them.  This was odd, as he was yawning and tired and really ready for his nap… but just couldn’t seem to close his eyes. I prayed to God over and over again…please protect my baby…please heal him Lord…please hold him in your loving embrace… please heal him Lord…


So then I got up and stuck my finger down his throat (nice segway huh?) and made him throw up.  He did… three times.  He seemed ok.  Maybe even better?  I couldn’t tell.  But he certainly wasn’t acting abnormal.

As far as other behaviors, he was acting totally normal.  No fever.  Playing with his brother.  Running around.  Grandma and Grandpa even came over around 1:30 and he was outside with them for over an hour. 

Around 3:00 pm I tried to put him down again… and it was the same as before, only worse.  Now it was almost as if he couldn’t close his eyes.  He seemed to blink fine, but actually keeping his eyes closed appeared to be an effort of his part.

Around 5:30, we had all eaten dinner and Parker had not eaten a bite.  He wanted to be held and lay his head down, but wasn’t going to sleep.  I finally (yes, I know, what on earth was I thinking waiting this long) I counted the pills.  To my shock AND HORROR, there were THIRTEEN missing.  13.  ONE-THREE.

I called the ask-a-nurse and she connected me to poison control.  They told me to take him in and I brought him to the ER.  We got him set up on heart monitors and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t see clearly through my tears (I was sobbing like a maniac) and tested his oxygen.  Everything was normal except his heart rate, which was slightly elevated.

The Doc called poison control from the room and got the info on how to treat my little man.  Thankfully-all his stats looked good… they all just thought it would be best to keep his heart under observation for another couple hours.  There was still a risk of seizures and heart failure.


So I sat in the ER rocking my baby who had about 6 zillions wires hooked up to him and praying over him.

And then….



… he was better.  He was laughing and charming the doctor and nurse… he was smiling and shouting at America’s Funniest Home Videos… he was saying, "Home! Home!  Home!  Go!  Go!  Go!"

Oh be still my heart.  The doctors thought that he might have consumed one or two, but defiantely not 13. 

I called my girlfriend Linnea (who I had placed a dramatic call to on the way to the hospital) and found out that she and her entire family had joined hands and prayed over Parker… I cannot even begin to tell you what that has meant to me.  I am SUCH a believer in the power of prayer… and to have someone do that-without prompting… with total love and concern as their motivation… well, it just about made me start sobbing again.

It is now 8:30 pm and Parker seems ok.  I think I am going to try and put him to bed.  I know mommy could use a good nights rest.

Oh..and as I was checking out, the nurse thoughtfully reminded me, "No more pills for Parker."

Ha!  We had a good chuckle over that one.

God bless-



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Reader Comments

  1. I’m so glad everything turned out alright! What an adventure!
    Thanks again so much for leaving your kind comments on our blog – we love visitors. 🙂

  2. So glad that everything is okay. How Scary!!! Isn’t amazing how quickly something can happen? Hope you have a calm day today and were able to get some rest!
    God Bless

  3. Oh Amanda;
    That is a very bad day…so glad that Parker is okay and that today is now behind you.
    God’s protective invisible hand over us, certainly is something to stop (often) and give Him thanks for.
    So glad you are all well.
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  4. oh Amanda! how scary!!!! I can’t imagine!! Thank you Lord for protecting little Parker!!
    hoping you are both asleep and resting comfortably by now
    don’t beat yourself up too bad about this; don’t dwell too much on it; just keep thanking the Lord for watching over Parker and take the necessary steps for it not to happen again and remember, you are a great mom!

  5. Oh I am soooo happy everything turned out okay. Hug and kiss that baby extra lots! Thank you God, for keeping Parker safe.

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