I just realized, spending time with my 117 year old Grandma requires the same brain power and physical exertion from me as when I am hanging out with my 4 year old.


For one, its in my best interest to always have a kleenex on hand. 

And oddly enough, it seems that both my toddler and my grandma can be entertained by the same stories for a considerable period of time.  The more obscure details the better.  The more family references the better.  The more bringing up the specific modes of transportation the better.  Seriously.  Think about it.

Sometimes they both need some assistance using the potty.

I often have to repeat myself 5 times before they hear me and acknowledge I have spoken.

Our time together usually ends with them needed a nap.


Disclaimer:  I do not actually have a 117 year old grandma.  But in respect for my elders and any old person that may exhibit these qualities that is related to me and is actually willing to spend time with me and my family, I think I shall keep it vague.


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Reader Comments

  1. Very true!
    Good thing you included the disclaimer, I was thinking what a 117 year old Grandma!
    have a great day my friend 🙂

  2. I, too, was thinking WOW dear friend you’ve got some good genes in your family. This entry is so true. Isn’t it funny how life makes a full circle. Thank you so much for your thoughts and strong prayers. Your a blessings. May God continue his blessings in your life.
    Take care of you and yours my friend,

  3. Glad you clarified that about your grandmother’s age…when I read that I thought…Oh my she is old. LOL
    I agree…it is very similiar.

  4. I always think of “A Tale of Two Cities” when I read what you wrote. The nearer one is to the end, the closer they are to the beginning. What a wise man Charles D. was.
    I just returned home from helping my 58 year old mother-in-law settle into a nursing home. While I am sad she is there, I so enjoy going and being able to interact with the other residents. What a blessing the older generations are to us! I needed a good laugh at life’s quirks tonight. Thanks!

  5. So…I’m gullible when only filled with two sips of coffee. I’m thinking, Amanda has a grandma that is 117??? Why isn’t she writing more about her? Her sweet grandma is probably the oldest in the world…

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