Top Chef Drama

filed under: Miscellaneous on June 5, 2008 this is going to be a frivolous post.  Please ignore if you only expect high quality, life changing entries out of me.  Because you and I know that pictures of my kids can often be life changing and mood altering. 


Bravo Site (Slightly odd pic of Antonia)

Anyway… does anyone watch Top Chef?  I enjoy it.  Its ok.  There is lots of profanity, but what show on TV doesn't lately. 

I am so annoyed by how they have done things!  The last 3 eliminations have been a joke… and last nights was the worst.  Antonia was sent home..and Lisa stayed! 

The other contestants were good friends with Antonia and when they found out she was leaving they were understandably upset.  Then Lisa starts whining… "Isn't anyone going to congratulate me?  Whah, whah, whah."  There was even a poll asking viewers which person should leave, and 91% (thats a huge margin for votes) voted for Lisa to leave.  Listen to the people!

I am sure it is all to do exactly this… to get people riled up and talking about their show.  Well, I am not immune to the subtle manipulations of TV producers.

Anyway.  I hope Richard wins.  Or the other girl.  Just anyone but bad attitude Lisa. 

P.S. I secretly thought that God sent Antonia home so that she could be with her daughter.  It seemed that Top Chef was taking up so much of her time, that her relationship with her family was suffering greatly.  And we all know that God sees the big picture! :) 

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