• Top Ten Things About Sending Your Daughter to College

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    Today’s special guest is Karen Hossink from the blog Surviving Motherhood.  I have known Karen for many years and find her heart and dedication to Jesus truly inspirational.  She is a talented writer, author, singer and mentor.  Karen’s blog, Surviving Motherhood, is a sacred, happy place full of encouragement and support.


    I saw a post with a title like this last year and decided to save it for my own encouragement – knowing “my day” was coming. And, since Elizabeth is leaving for college today, I decided to re-read the list – and write one of my own.

    So, here it is:




    That is, I got nothin’.

    I can’t think of a single “Top” thing about sending my daughter to college.

    *I’m going to miss her.

    *I’ll be the only girl in the family now.

    * Dinner table conversation is going to be AWKWARD.

    *We’re losing our dish-washer, and our towel-washer/folder.

    *That sweet smile won’t be dancing around the house anymore.

    *And the random outbursts of silliness. I’m going to miss those!

    *Have I mentioned the benefits of having a daughter with a sweet-tooth? She makes delicious chocolate-y goodness whenever her heart desires. But how can I taste it when she isn’t here anymore to make it?

    *No one is going to ask me to braid their hair.

    *M, and L, and M, and K, and H won’t be coming over for dinner and sleep-overs.

    *And “Head of the Herd” just won’t be the same without Elizabeth.


    Well now, that wasn’t a very up-lifting list, was it?

    Honestly, it was a little painful to write…


    hebrews 13:8

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    However, in my attempt to construct a list of the Top Ten Things About Sending Your Daughter to College, I have come up with ONE good thing: GOD is faithful. And HE always will be.

    And that ONE good thing has led me to this list:

    *I know that God is going before Elizabeth and preparing her path.

    *HE already knows the challenges she’ll be facing.

    *And HE knows how to lead her through them.

    *God knows exactly what Elizabeth’s future holds.

    *God has been preparing my daughter for Wheaton for the past 18 years.

    *And HE will continue to shape and make her.

    *God has done beautiful things in and through Elizabeth during her years at Okemos High School, and I trust He has just begun.

    *Having Elizabeth at home has only given me the illusion of control. In reality, God has always been in control.

    *And that isn’t going to change!

    *Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

    No matter where my daughter is living.


    Thank You, Father, for Your faithfulness. Thank You for holding my daughter for the past 18 years, and for Your promise to never let her go. As she begins this new chapter in life, please continue to draw her close to Your heart – and remind her every day how precious she is to You. And to me!


    Your turn: Is there something in your life right now for which you need this encouragement to trust God?

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    Karen, what a lovely post. I was there 3 years ago. My only child off to the big wide world and I couldn’t go with her! Attached at the hip is probably an accurate description of our relationship before college. Homeschooling didn’t help that! We have all survived, even with more than a few tears shed. I’m still working on “finding myself.” This is the new normal and I’m trying to embrace it. You can make it. God promises never to leave us or forsake us too. All those wonderful promises from God that you have applied to your daughter, also apply to you! Thanks to Amanda for introducing you to her readers!!!

      Thank you for your encouragement, Barbara. As with when they were babies, it’s still good to receive words of hope from parents who have “been there”. 🙂
      I have realized a truth which I keep repeating to myself: Growing up is supposed to happen. Growing apart doesn’t have to. Holding on to that one, praying God will lead us all.

    What a beautiful post! I’ve sent four of my five kids off to college and I can certainly tell you that it doesn’t get easier. I miss them all, but as you mentioned, I know they are prepared for this. I love what you said about having our kids home only gives us the illusion of control – how true!! God is most definitely in control and will continue to watch over our kids no matter where they are.

      Control is simply an illusion, isn’t it? And there are those moments when we don’t even have the illusion, because it’s so clear we’re out of control. 😉
      But in the end, I am ever thankful that GOD is the One who has it all perfectly handled.
      Blessings, friend!

    Oh yes. For my daughter’s upcoming marriage and getting through all the planning first 🙂

      I pray God will give you the grace and courage to trust Him in the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead. May you be sensitive to His Spirit as He takes you through this new stage – as He continues to use you as Mother for a daughter who is learning about being a wife.

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