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You may remember the frog incident; Our ponds and surrounding swampy areas were inundated with frog mating and frog babies and croaking and leeches.  To call it traumatic was an understatement.  Well actually it’s not, according to the dictionary traumatic describes it perfectly.  But anywho.

We have snake.

our snake



Here he is in action.  It is a common gardner snake and harmless.  Well, that is what people say, but it really all depends on who is defining “harmless”.

You can also see that he is no skinny minny.  At least four feet in length and about a quarter size around in girth.  Starving he is not.

My kids discovered him and I should have won an Oscar for the amount excitement I shared with them.  For me snakes=not so exciting.  But I do not want to pass on my fears to them, so I try to not show it every single time wildlife freaks me out.

Which is often.  It all freaks me out.

Yay, I live in the country!

But, as is often the case with these types of things, circumstances have changed.

Our Snakes iambaker.net

Now we have two snakes.

Our Snakes iambaker.net

Two creepy crawly slithering snakes.

Two sets of beady eyes and shed skins.

Two bulging bellys leaving us to wonder what on earth have they been feasting on.

Our Snakes iambaker.net


We think they live right outside in the rocks.

I mean, that is where they are during the day.

where the snakes live

At night is a whole different story.  I have no idea where they slither off to.

But that uncertainty is exactly why they are still alive.

Let me explain.

We live in the country where there are mice.

Snakes eat mice.  Mice try to get inside the house.  Snakes usually stay outside.

Snakes win.

Our Snakes

As much as I dislike those serpent eyes watching my every move, they are here to stay.

As long as they stay OUTSIDE in the rocks eating other rodents and stuff I don’t like.

Which they have, for 3 weeks now they are basking in the sun on the rocks everyday.

Somedays, when I a feeling particularly brave, I will get my camera and take some pictures.

Snake Eating a Frog!

(I don’t think this will end well for the frog.)

Snake Eating a Frog

How cool is that picture?  For people who are used to country life this is no big deal… but I am still completely fascinated by it all!

And maybe I am off my rocker, but I swear those snakes are posing for me!

Smiling Snake

Doesn’t it look like he is smiling?  As much as snakes can smile I suppose.

Wonder what pets we will discover next?

Hopefully bunnies. Playful adorable little bunnies.

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  • Becky says:

    I hate snakes. I’m slightly more okay with non-venomous because they are helpful. some non-venomous actually keep away the venomous ones and others of course keep other critters away.

    I grew up in an area with many venomous snakes…cotton mouths, copperheads, rattle snakes. The thought of all those types makes me shiver.

    • Amanda says:

      I have to agree! Venomous is terrifying and I would be in a constant state of terror.

      • Jenni Snyder says:

        Oh my goodness Amanda, you’re not kidding!! Our family recentlymoved from Michigan to Texas! we have two small children ages 5 and 20 months. at this point I’ve completely brainwashed my poor son. Every time we walk out the door, every time I asked him “what do we look for max?” to which she replied in his sweet voice “snakes and spiders!!” until, at this point he asks me what we look for before we go out the door!!! Lol 😛
        We LOVE Texas, but I Hate the poisonous snakes and spiders!!!

        • Amanda says:

          Yes… the poisonous ones are NO JOKE!!!

  • Kadie says:

    Awesome pics. But, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn says:

    Living in Canada, we only have one species of venomous snakes, and those are fairly rare, so I have a different view of snakes. I was fortunate to have a good teacher when I was a kid, so when we saw a family of harmless snakes sunning on a rock, she brought us over to show us. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated by snakes. I could never own one, since I couldn’t handle feeding them (mice are cute and bugs are creepy). I love finding them outside though, so please continue to share these little beauties. You are doing a wonderful thing by encouraging your kids’ excitement.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Dawn!! Just hoping they dont multiply TOOOO much. 😉

    • Margaret says:

      There are quite a few rattlesnakes in Southern Alberta around the University of Lethbridge and a little town east of there. They definitely love sunny themselves on the rocks.

  • Sandy says:

    What IS it about snakes?? I feel the same way you do. I know all about the food chain, etc. etc……but…snakes. UGGGG. Sorry, I cannot feel good about them…….

    I have to say when I came to the picture of the rocks where the snakes are living I burst out laughing cause my first thought was “kids mommy has a new high priority project today”…..oh, that wall of rocks is comin’ down, I’d get the frontloader and dismantle those rocks so fast…….

    Great pictures, by the way!

  • bubbieone says:

    The pics are gorgeous. You are obviously not as terrified as me. Seeing the snakes on the computer, sends shivers down my spine! But I have to admit, the picture of the snake eating the frog, is really something.

  • Aimee says:

    You got some really great pictures! I feel the same way about snakes. When we got some siding replaced this Spring, the workers couldn’t wait to tell us that a 5 foot black snake lives under the stairs of our deck. Whatttt? I begged my husband to kill it….but he reminded me how much more I hate lizards. And black snakes eat lizards. So as long as I don’t see it, I’m ok. But then my daughter’s fiance killed a baby copperhead under the bushes at the top of our driveway this month. That I am not ok with. We’ve been going to the park instead of playing in the yard!!

    • Amanda says:

      Oh gosh!!! Copperheads are not to be messed around with!! Scary!

  • jessica says:

    I used to live out in the country (I live a very urban lifestyle now) and I would get gardner snakes in my yard all the time. My dog would bite the heads off the snakes when he ever found them, forcing me to have to clean up his “gifts”. I still shudder.

    • Amanda says:

      lol I wonder if I can find a dog that will do that… 🙂

  • Deepali Jain says:

    OMG! Amanda, you are really brave. Let alone click a snap, you are letting them stay near your house. I would die of heart attack at the first look.

    But I agree with not passing your fears to your kids. I try and do the same but I guess will fail miserably if it comes to a snake. 🙂

  • Robin says:

    I am in Canada aswell but no poisonious snakes here. I recently has a green garter snake living or escaping the heat of the day under neath my front door jam. It did give us a start on several occasions when we came home after work. I eventaully had to move move him or her over to the side yard with all the trees as my daughter did not want to walk passed him any more, even though I told her that he was more afraid of us than we were of him and that he was beneficial to our environment by eating mice. After I moved him, she hoped he would be ok.

    • Amanda says:

      That would be a little to close for comfort for me as well! 🙂

  • Jenn says:

    Oh, you are brave! I am terrified of snakes. I would be curled up in fetal position rocking myself in comfort if this was in my yard. Koodos to you for hiding your fear from you kids. I’m afraid to say I would have run away dragging my kids with me.

  • SharonK says:

    My 2 younger sons were close in age and shared a room. For a couple of years as toddlers, their favorite bedtime books to read were “All About Snakes” and “All About Spiders”. Every night!! And then they slept peacefully through the night. I needed a little down time before I could sleep at all.

    • Amanda says:

      LOL I think I would too Sharon!

  • Laurie says:

    I grew up just out side Minneapolis and at the time it was quite rural. We had tons of gardner snakes. They lived under the step to the back door of the garage. They ate the mice that came to live in the straw under the rabbit hutch. Gardner snakes like to live in groups. I hate to tell you this, but you will have many more than 2.

    On the plus side, as you mentioned, they eat mice. Mice that will like to get into your chicken feed. I don’t know if they eat chicken eggs. Here in Texas we have rat snakes. They get huge! They also love chicken eggs.

    Minnesota does have rattle snakes and massasauga snakes that are poisonous.

    I don’t mind snakes as long as they stay outside. I have relocated several out of my yard. We have some here that like to eat toads and I like toads in my yard….toads eat a lot of bugs.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t mind the snakes as long as they are doing what they do best. They stay out of the way and they eat the stuff that we do not want making a home here. Our chickens would eat the snakes before they got to the eggs!

  • Heather | Farmgirl Gourmet says:

    Ummm…no thanks. The next picture in my post would be of the For Sale sign in the front yard. Can’t stand snakes…not one bit.

  • Sara @ Bitz & Giggles says:

    Oh. my. You are definitely brave. I hope you get those snakes taken care of. Yikes. But what great photos! Loved reading your story. If National Geographic gets word of this post, you’ll definitely be getting a call with a job offer. LOL

    • Amanda says:

      lol Thanks Sara! We are not doing anything with the snakes… just letting them do what they do! If they were poisonous I could not be killing them fast enough!

  • Ramona K says:

    Snakes are good for the garden. They are not slimy like people think. They are dry and smooth. Took one in the house when I lived in Iowa because it had gotten too cold. Feel sad for the frog.

  • Tami Gifford says:

    Hmmm…you may have more snakes than you can shake a stick at soon…I would imagine these might be a pair…glad they are harmless ones.

  • Joanne Vacalebre says:

    OOOOOO I just passed out!! Is there something that could eat the snake after he eats the snake?

    • Amanda says:

      I wish!!!

  • Joanne Vacalebre says:

    Sorry I meant the mouse. Told you I passed out.

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