Just When Does This Vacation Begin?

filed under: Miscellaneous on December 3, 2010

On Saturday we head out on a mighty adventure.

We are driving from a cold and snow covered Minnesota to warm and sunny Florida.

Amanda's Camera 019 (4)

(the boys near Grandma and Grandpa's house in FL in March of 09')

We decided that we would make this trip about a year ago… and have been planing this vacation for over two years!  And when I say we have been planning, I really mean that my sister and BIL have been planning.  They are "Disney Genius" (I just made up that phrase) and are literally brilliant about the do's and don'ts of Walt Disney World.  

Case In Point: I recently reviewed a spreadsheet they had assembled of our timeline, reservations options, and traffic rank days.

They rock.

My hubby and I are also big fans of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives.  We thought it would be fun to hit as many locations we could along the way that have been featured on the show… did you know there are entire websites developed for the sole purpose of making that dream a reality?

Yum.  Greasy diner food.  Perfect for a road trip. (again, really in need of that sarcasm font here)

My goal is to view the drive there and the drive home as part of the vacation.  This is proving to be difficult as I am also experiencing much anxiety over the thought of being in a vehicle for three days with my little ones.

So I am researching, and researching, and researching some more… all the different ways to entertain kids when on a road trip.

I am determined not to complain about it for one second, no matter how grumpy or uncomfortable (did I mention I am almost 6 months pregnant???) or annoying we all get.

Because I am just thrilled beyond belief that we get to avoid this.



I am hoping to share pics and experience from along the way, so get ready for a non-typical month of December blog posting from me.

Which is really pointless to say cause everyone who reads my blog will actually be on the trip with me.

Just sayin.

How about you… any plans for traveling this holiday season???


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  • Paula says:

    This trip is such a wonderful opportunity for your family. Your sister and BIL were awesome to provide you with the spreadsheet. Looking forward to your posts about it and wishing you a safe and fun time. I’m sure the 3 days in the car with the little ones will be a very creative and enjoyable time for all due in no small part to the creativity of their Mommie!

  • Sally says:

    Okay – SERIOUSLY? How have I missed that you are 6 months pregnant? Congratulations. How wonderful. Praying that this will be AS MUCH of a vacation for you(Mommy) as for everyone else. Enjoy the change of scenery. I just heard on GMA that the best de-stresser for the Christmas Season (or anytime?) is to lower your expections – and I mean that in a good way =) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! (The destination as well as the JOURNEY!)

  • Melissa says:

    Yay! I’m in Florida so I’m going to pretend that you’re coming to see me too! 🙂 I remember family vacations/long car trips growing up and I don’t remember it being too bad on my parents sanity. That’s probably why we choose to leave in the middel of the night-that way the kiddos sleep a lot of the way. I’ll be praying for you and your family as you set out on your adventure this weekend.

  • Kurt says:

    Wow, I don’t know who this BIL guy is, but he sounds totally wonderful. Have a fun, safe drive!

  • Renee says:

    Have a GREAT time! Say hi to Mickey for me 🙂 Do you have games for in the car? Like car bingo etc.? I can’t wait to hear about your trip. Be safe, have fun.

  • CopyKat Recipes says:

    I love those types of vacations. The whacky and local places are the best, ever.

  • 3rascalsmama says:

    Hope ya’ll have loads of fun and a safe trip!! Definitely do some pics and updates along the way! I’m guessing ya’ll will drive through Georgia?!? I’ll do a virtual wave to ya! Wonder if you’ll come near our teeny tiny town? Hubby and I will be in Savannah all weekend, though, on a mini-honeymoon. (8.5 years of marriage + 3 kids later, we’re finally able to go away alone for the weekend!! I’m SO excited!).
    Have a safe trip!! 🙂

  • Renee (Kudos Kitchen) says:

    Have a great time on vacation! Hope you enjoy every minute! If you ask me, a road trip is much more fun than air travel. Many a great family memory is made on a car trip. Enjoy your diner, drive-in and dive experiences too. Sounds like a perfect time for all 🙂

  • Libby says:

    Have a wonderful trip! How much fun!
    We are going to amarillo, tx around Christmas time. That is where we used to live so it will be nice to go visit family and friends.

  • CM @ A Little Lilac says:

    Ooh, you are a daring one! Let see, here’s some tips: DVD player-rule number one! Do you have one mounted in your vehicle? If not, my hubby found a contraption at Best Buy? I think. It hooks onto your headrests and holds a portable DVD player. Then, he found a good deal on a DVD player at Walmart. Other than that, you’re the crafty one-pack arts/crafts kits, books, and of course, FOOD!
    Good luck, have fun, put diapers on all of them! 😉 Just kidding. Be safe!

  • Bethany says:

    I can’t wait to read about your trip! I’m sure it will be fun. We drive to FL about every other year. It’s always exhausting and totally worth it. Have fun eating all the greasey food. I’m sure the baby won’t make you pay for it one bit! (You know, unlike mine who made me puke if I even thought of eating something containing grease or other random bits of goodness. 🙂
    Hope the trip is wonderful and memory full in a the best way possible. 🙂

  • Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} says:

    I’m sure you will end up having a great time on your car adventure than you think. That happens to me when I am anxious about something, it turns out better than I could plan. I love the triple D! Can’t wait to see what places you go 🙂 I’m a diner girl! Hey if Guy needs a side kick and you run into him-tell him I’ll eat all the eggs 🙂 Have a fun time!

  • Kristin Smith says:

    What a wonderful time with family…enjoy this – even the stressful times and know that you are making lasting memories with your kids!
    My whole family, parents and siblings and families are all going to FL in March…the last week of my maternity leave! We are also doing Disney…so PLEASE share the good, bad and ugly when you get back. We will have an almost 2 yr old and a 2 mo old along with 2 others…so I hear you when you talk about the anxiety!! I am determined to remember that mom’s stress only causes kid’s stress…so I am going with the attitude that it won’t be perfect but it will be fun!! 🙂
    Have a WONDERFUL trip!!

  • The Lumberjack's Wife says:

    I read this blog and I didn’t get the memo that we were all going to Disney together!

  • Amanda Sikes says:

    Hope you have a great time! With all that went on with little Jeremiah we are sticking close to home this year!

  • Londa says:

    How about I come along and entertain those kiddos?!? It’d be a win/win situation…traveling in peace and I’d get to go to Florida!
    Have a wonderful, relaxing, safe trip! Enjoy Kentucky–it’s my most favorite state to travel through! Watch for horse ranches!

  • Grandpa Dennis says:

    Can’t wait for you to get here. Travel safely!!!!

  • aimee says:

    Have so much fun!! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pics. We’re going to Orlando for a week the day after Christmas – can’t wait! Probably only doing Universal, and the Pirates Dinner Theater and a couple other little things – no Disney this trip!! Have safe travels & lots of good eating & fun memory-making!!
    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta.blogspot.com

  • Holly says:

    I’m a fairly new reader so I’m not certain of your children’s ages but here are some ideas that saved me recently on a 8 hour trip to NYC with our three who DO NOT TRAVEL WELL! A four hour drive to grandmas usually takes us 8+ hours!
    For my younger ones in car seats I bought trays that could attach to the car seats. These were perfect! This is what I got: http://www.starkidsproducts.com/
    For my older guy I brought along a cookie sheet that could hold markers while drawing.
    Tin foil…I had never before thought of tin foil as a great craft thing but the kids LOVED it! Pipe cleaners too, then you can make really cool things!
    New markers and colouring pads.
    Snacks – Snacks – Snacks! (My kids love to eat!)
    New toys from the consignment store…anything small with low sounds!
    Then in the end movies and music.
    Good luck!

  • Karen@SurvivingMotherhood says:

    Amanda, did you REALLY have to post that cartoon? LOL
    I have a trip coming up next month and I am honestly NOT looking forward to the airport screening. Not sure if any of the airports I’ll be in will have the ‘new thing’ but I’m feeling a little queasy about it. *sigh*
    I hope you’re having a wonderful trip!

  • Shannon says:

    Have a safe trip!! And keep in mind no matter how small that vehicle seems to get as the miles drag on, you are creating GREAT memories for your kids! It should be unforgetable! Tell Mickey HI!!

  • Tammy V says:

    You picked a great time to go. Have fun and cherish the memories that are about to be made. May God watch over all of you while you travel!!

  • Amanda Rettke says:

    I SOOOOOOO needed to read that as we embark on Day 2… thank you!

  • Jamie @ Six Bricks High says:

    Hope you are enjoying your trip so far! I am looking forward to reading all about it. Disney in December sounds grand!

  • Judith Norman says:

    Have a great vacation!

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