No, I wasn't in a knife fight with a bunch of blog haters.

I heard those words from a busy producer as she scrambled to reconfigure the show today.  The cooking segment ran long, and they were five minutes over. 

Someone had to go.

I was sitting of to the side, by myself, and the moment I heard my smile wavered. 

I was the 'blogger'.

Of course, being the insecure gal I am, my mind raced… "Was it me?  Did I do something wrong?  Do they not like the blogs I was planning on talking about?  Is it my hair?  I have NEVER liked my hair!"

All of this flashed through my mind in the span of about three seconds, about the same amount of time it took for Melissa, the sweet producer from TCL, to see me sitting there.

"Oh!  I am so sorry!  The cooking segment ran long.  Its not you!  We like you!  We want you to come back.  Really!  I am so sorry!"

For a moment I was pretty embarrassed.  (who am I kidding, I am STILL embarrassed) But as I drove the long road home, I got to thinking.

This was a good thing.  It was a really good thing.

See, I was starting to get a little, uh… big headed.  Someone wanted me for their TV show!  Someone liked what I had to say!  Someone thought that my opinion was important!

See the theme there?  Me. I was starting to let all this stuff go to my head.

I am so thankful that I have a wonderful God who knows when the sin of pride is getting to be to much and knows when I need a big dose of humility. 

I am so thankful that God used something that was so important to me and so visible to everyone to show me that its NOT about me and that there is a much bigger picture.

I had a really big piece of humble pie.  I think I am full now. 😉


I will most likely be on again sometime next week, as they were kind enough to offer to let me reschedule.  I will let you know when I know. 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. You have such a great attitude!
    For a second i thought you wrote you were going to be on TLC!! I read it more slowly and saw what it really was. Still, you are on your way to being a famous mommy-blogger : )

  2. Oh stink! Sorry about that. You’ve got a great perspective though. And for the record…I care about what you have to say and I think your opinion is important!!!

  3. see…. I did miss it! 😉 nuts! Sorry!!
    Do you get to work for them regularly or was it a one time thing?? I need to read your posts in order! =) I was rushing b/c my puppy is being naughty… as always! ha ha!
    I enjoy your writing! and I hope they call you back… Mrs. Humble Pie.. =) I am currently attempting to post a very overdue award post… it sits in my que labeled Mrs. Humble Pie! I am joining you! OH! by the way!! do you get Family Fun magazine? They featured Rainbow Cup Cakes this month!! YEP! You can find em on the web too I am sure!!
    Just Jenn~

  4. Hello
    I always enjoy your post and I want to tell your that God always do better for us.I really like your perspectives about this.You are very nice person.Thanks..

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