Hello friends and family!  Did you notice I was 'missing'?  I went to visit some family in Bemidji and Fargo last week and had a really good time! 

Whats that you say?  Did I take some pictures?  Well, of course! 

Not nearly as many as I would have liked, but I have found that when you are busy taking care of three kids under 4 on the road, stopping and catching a fun moment is not as easy as I would have thought.

And of course, I did learn a few things along the way…a few things I would like to incorporate into my Not Me! Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


For instance, I did not learn…  It gets cold when you turn off your heat!  I know, I know, its like I'm a genius or something.  I turned off the heat when I left home Monday, and when I walked in my house Sunday afternoon, it was 47*.  I kid you not.  It was COLD!

I did not learn… how long it takes 5 adults and 3 children who love cake to eat half of one.  About 7 minutes.  And we weren't even trying.  FYI, we were celebrating a birthday for my dad who is celebrating his real birthday this Wednesday…

I also did not learn  how utterly insignificant I am.  At least in the blog world.  I am fairly certain no one knew I was MIA and the amount of traffic and comments support that theory. 

Why do I mention it?  Because it was a lesson I needed!  Sometimes I get caught up in my blog… how many people are visiting, how many comments I get, how many entries I make… it can even take away from my 'real' life, and from why I blog in the first place. 

And when I do get caught up in all that, I start to really get prideful… and the only place pride takes me is away from God. I need to stay as close as possible to the One who brings me peace, joy, mercy and grace!

So thank you, all of you who are not reading my blog right now.  It was the message I needed and I appreciate your enthusiastic willingness to ignore me and find my life perfectly boring! 

You have done a good thing. My husband and kids thank you.

And finally, I did not learn…that I can be a good listener.  I am not saying I was a good listener, but I learned that I could if I wanted to be.  I can actually listen to what someone is saying, hear what they are saying, and not formulate my response until they are done talking.  I never knew it was in me.  And honestly, it wasn't until I specifically asked God to help me in that area. 

I think I am going to actually enjoy talking about me less and listening to you more!

Lessons learned, now for pictures.


I loved this outfit on Parker and could not resist putting Audrey in it.  I would never dress my darling little girl like a boy!  Ok.  I would and did.


Cutie Parker.


Borrowing grandma's glasses.


Big sis and Audrey.


Audrey, Colton, and Inga.  I love all of their individual expressions.


Mom and Audrey.  Sigh.  Just precious.


Shes getting so big already.


Big sis and Inga Grace



This was the kids giving grandpa his birthday card.  I promise.  There is a grandpa in there somewhere.

Thanks so much stacy, derrick, kenny, tommy, scott, avery, mary, karen, mom, dad, angie, kurt, and inga for letting us take over your space for a few days.  We had a wonderful time!  Hope to be back soon!

God bless!

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